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Lighting Patterns for Homes

Lighting Patterns for HomesA web site created to help homeowners, contractors and builders choose the right light bulbs, fixtures and controls to maximize energy savings, calculate lighting costs and achieve lighting effects to meet a wide range of needs in their homes

Case Studies of Residential Lighting

Case studies of efficient lighting in residences from the Demonstration and Evaluation of Lighting Technologies and Applications (DELTA) program, including lighting for home offices and dormitories.

Residential New Construction

Saratoga energy-efficient homeA case study with many photographs of efficient and attractive lighting in a house in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Kitchen Lighting

Click on the luminaires in this interactive image to find out more about them.

Living Room Lighting

Living room lightingClick on the luminaires in this interactive image to find out more about them.

Builders Guide to Home Lighting

This guide offers builders and electrical contractors practical advice for installing energy-efficient lighting in homes.

Lighting Education Online: Residential Lighting

Residential lightingThe residential lighting course provides information on lighting technologies typically used in homes along with guidance on lighting design techniques. The course also provides sample lighting layouts for a variety of rooms within a home. A fee is required to register for this course.

Daylighting: Daylight Dividends Program

Reports, guides, and other resources on daylighting.

LRC DesignWorks

DesignWorksLighting designers can help you achieve better lighting that uses less energy. The LRC's lighting design program, DesignWorks, provides cutting-edge lighting design solutions, effectively pairing advanced research with dynamic design concepts.

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