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Photosensor Testing

Specifier Reports: PhotosensorsThis report presents the findings of testing conducted by the National Lighting Product Information Program (NLPIP) on the latest photosensor products and provides information to assist in the selection, setup, and general understanding of photosensors.

Occupancy Sensors

This NLPIP report highlights occupancy sensors for industrial and commercial use and provides guidance for equipment selection and successful installation. It explains performance characteristics such as coverage area, coverage pattern, field of view, sensitivity, and time delay. It covers passive infrared, ultrasonic, and dual-technology (hybrid) occupancy sensors.

Photosensor Tutorial

PhotosensorsA step-by-step overview of using photosensors.

Reducing Barriers to the Use of High-Efficiency Lighting Systems

This project identified barriers found in commercial and industrial applications that employ fluorescent lamp technologies. It is useful to efficiency program managers in their efforts to overcome these barriers.


Field Test DELTA: Daylight-Harvesting SwitchThe LRC developed the DaySwitch, a simple daylight-harvesting tool designed to turn off electric lights when daylight is plentiful. This DELTA case study provides the energy saving results from a field verification installation.

Dynamic Outdoor Lighting

Dynamic outdoor lighting varies light level (or other characteristics) automatically and precisely in response to factors such as vacancy or the type of use of an outdoor space. This NLPIP report discusses strategies for implementing dynamic outdoor lighting installations; technologies used; energy, environmental, and cost benefits; and potential liabilities and barriers. The applications discussed include parking lots, parking garages, outdoor walkways, and streets, which are the most common places where dynamic outdoor lighting might be found.

Daylighting Controls Resource List

DaylightingA list of publications that discuss daylighting controls.

Load-shedding Ballast

Load-shedding ballasts reduce power demand by dimming the lighting in a building to an acceptable level when the building's peak electric demand is high or when the available supply is limited.

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