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Educational Opportunities
Educational Opportunities

Outreach Education

"When you can measure what you are speaking about... you know something about it." – Lord Kelvin

Now more than ever, in today’s uncertain world, accurate and meaningful measurements are essential for charting a path forward in lighting. The LRC’s outreach education programs are grounded in our long-standing ability to ask the right questions and to perform accurate measurements to answer them. These courses not only provide insights, they also allow participants to interact with LRC experts and each other to get their own questions answered. The LRC’s outreach education courses give professionals the knowledge and skills they need to improve their job performance while advancing our collective understanding of lighting and its impact on key factors like human health, carbon emissions, value chains, and economic development.

Currently, we offer the following outreach education programs:

LIVE! From the LRC
The LRC periodically presents one-hour webinars on leading-edge topics in lighting.

Photometry Institute Online Course
This hands-on course informs engineers, technicians, and testing personnel from lighting and related companies about the latest developments in photometric testing and evaluation, including new testing requirements for solid-state light sources and systems.

NEW Online Professional Certificate Course in Lighting Design
This 12-week online professional certificate course in lighting design provides the knowledge and skills needed to help those in professions related to lighting to begin or improve their practice in lighting design.

NEW Online Course on 3D Printing for Lighting
This online course is designed for professionals from the lighting, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, and related industries to understand the possibilities of additive manufacturing for lighting and to learn more about each industry's needs and capabilities.

NEW Online Course on UV Measurement and Application
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a growing interest in the use of UV (ultraviolet) systems for disinfection in a range of applications. These include water treatment; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; public transportation; as well as in a number of building types including health care and long term care settings; offices; and more. This online course is designed to assist lighting specifiers, facility managers, end-users and others to ensure that the UV systems they select are safe, being applied properly, and are effective at providing required disinfection properties.

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