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LRC Develops Wireless-Controlled Warning Lights for Worker Safety


LRC Welcomes Two New Members to the Light and Health Alliance


USDA Awards Funding for Light and Plant Health Research to the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer


LRC Faculty, Researchers and Students Featured in New IES Video Series


"Future of the Lighting Industry" Survey Results Now Available


NIH National Institute on Aging Awards $4 Million for Light and Health Research to the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer


LRC Recruiting Nighttime Participants for Paid Study: Investigating the Alerting Effects of Light


Industry Leaders Chart Path Forward for the Future of Lighting at LRC Annual Conference


Horticulture, UV Science, and Circadian Lighting Experts to Present at LRC Conference


Business Experts Panel to Discuss Path Forward for Lighting Industry at LRC Conference


Business Strategist Paul Schoemaker to Keynote Lighting Research Center Annual Conference


LRC Recruiting Participants for Paid Study Investigating the Effects of Light on Sleep


Evaluating the Impact of Warning Lights on Roadway Worker Safety


LRC and KLS Engineering Develop Web-Based Educational Modules on Roadway Lighting


Technology R&D Expert Joins the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer


LRC Recruiting Participants for New Study: Office Lighting for Health and Energy Savings


LRC Recruiting Daytime Participants for Paid Study Investigating the Alerting Effects of Light


LRC Graduate Student Wins Thesis Prize for Research on Lighting Technology


LRC Releases New Report on LED Horticultural Lighting Systems


Lighting Workshop Student Light Art Installation to be Unveiled April 27


LRC Professor to Chair Task Group Developing Circadian Lighting Recommended Practice


Information Session for Co-Terminal Master's Degree in Lighting


LRC Releases Video Series on Light and Health


New LRC Study Tests the Impact of Circadian Light on Alertness in Office Workers


LRC Director Invited to Present CDC Design for Health Webinar


Major Contributions in Advancing LED Lighting Featured in LEDs Magazine


LRC Director Invited to Serve as Panelist at NIH Alzheimer's Research Summit


IESNYC Awards Scholarship to LRC Student Zachary Pearson


New LRC Study Evaluates the Effectiveness of Apple's iPad Night Shift Application


Fare Well, Russ Leslie


Popular Webcast Now Available for On-demand Viewing


New LRC Study Evaluates the Blue-Light Hazard From Solid-State Lighting


Confronting Dementia From Lab to Bedside


LRC Collaborating With Cornell on $6.5 Million Grant From USDA to Develop the Next Generation of Grapes


Lighting Research Center Holds Annual Conference With More Than 100 Attendees


Lighting Patterns for Healthy Buildings Website Expanded to Include Designs for the Healthcare Environment


LRC Professor Mark Rea to Deliver Invited Lecture at U.S. Office of Naval Research


LRC Light and Health Research Applied in the Field, Changing Architectural Practice


LRC Director Mariana Figueiro Co-Authors NIH Report on the Effects of Light on Human Health


Rensselaer to Host CORM/ISCC Technical Conference on Lighting Research and Measurement


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Names New Director of Lighting Research Center


LRC Analysis of Energy Efficient Highway Lighting Selected as AASHTO Sweet Sixteen High Value Research Project


LRC Releases New Version of Circadian Stimulus Calculator with Expanded Functionality


LRC Develops Accelerated Prediction Method for LED System Life


LRC Graduate Students Earn Prestigious Scholarships, Awards


LRC Recruiting Participants for Paid iPad Study


LRC Study Finds Robust Morning Light Improves Sleep and Mood, Lowers Stress in Office Workers


LRC Communications Team Earns Award for Research News, Constituent Engagement


Rensselaer Professor Mariana Figueiro to Present at LIGHTFAIR


LRC Lighting Workshop Student Light Art Installation to be Unveiled May 4


LRC Releases New Book Celebrating Collaborations with LRC Partners, Alliance Members, Sponsors


LRC M.S. in Lighting Student Receives IESNYC Scholarship


LRC Research Featured in Architectural Lighting Magazine


Expanded LED Lighting Institute Includes 3D Printing, Connected Lighting


Indika Perera Named Recipient of ARCC Dissertation Award Honorable Mention


Rensselaer Professor Mariana Figueiro Invited to Present NIH Webinar


LRC Releases Free, Open Access Circadian Stimulus Calculator


LRC Scientist to Moderate Panel Session on the Health Impacts of LED Roadway Lighting


Rensselaer Professor Mariana Figueiro Invited to Present at Mount Sinai


M.S. in Lighting Program Now Offers Paid Post-Graduation Externship


LRC Expands LED Lighting Institute Course Content to Connected Lighting, 3D Printing


LRC Expands SSL Research Capabilities to Connected Lighting, 3D Printing


LRC Doctoral Students, Research Scientists Present Innovative Technology Research at SPIE Conference


Plant Pathologist Jaimin Patel Joins the LRC


LRC Summer Interns Investigate Solid-State Lighting Issues


Are "plug and play" control-integrated luminaires ready for prime time?


LRC Director to Take Academic Sabbatical, Figueiro Named Acting Director


LRC Issues Response to AMA Report on LED Lighting

LRC Issues New DELTA Report: Mogul Screw-base LED Replacement Lamps for High Bay Environments


NIH Releases Video of Mariana Figueiro's Presentation at Light at Night Workshop


Lighting Research Center Announces Besal Lighting Education Fund Award Recipient


Tailored Lighting Improves Quality of Life for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease


Mariana Figueiro Presents at NIH Workshop on Light at Night


Light & Health Program Director Featured in NLB Circadian Lighting Video


Lighting Research Center Launches Interactive Lighting Design Website to Support Health and Wellbeing of Older Adults


USDA-NIFA Awards $1.7 Million for Light and Plants Research


Zia Eftekhar to Give Keynote at LRC's Partner-Alliance Event

NIOSH-CDC Awards $2.2 Million for Light and Health Research to the Lighting Research Center


Summer Interns Investigate Solid-State Lighting Issues


NLPIP Releases Report on Wired and Wireless Lighting Controls


LRC Evaluates Advanced Headlight Systems for Transportation Lighting Alliance


LRC Study Shows Uniform Lighting in Parking Lots Provides Better Sense of Security, 75% Energy Savings


Measurement Procedure for Quantifying Perceptible Flicker Proposed in LRC's ASSIST recommends Publication


LRC Study on Emergency Visual Alarms Published


Adolescents More Sensitive Than Adults to Light from Tablets and Other Self-Luminous Devices


Lighting Research Center Announces Besal Lighting Education Fund Award Recipient

LRC Issues New Guide to Selecting LED Troffers


Lighting Research Center to Establish OLED Lighting Education and Application Program to Assist Manufacturers, OLED Industry

LED Lighting Institute Offers Hands-on Learning


LRC Doctoral Student's Paper Most Popular SPIE Digital Library Download


Mariana Figueiro to Deliver Keynote at Light Symposium 2015


Mariana Figueiro Appointed to Editorial Board of Sleep Health Journal


LRC Examines Mogul Base LED Replacement Lamps, Authors New Report


Rensselaer Professors Meet with Nobel Laureate Hiroshi Amano at the Swedish Energy Agency


LRC Research Confirms Rudolph's Red Nose is the Right Color


LRC Produces New Video on Lighting Value Metrics


LRC Partners with NYSERDA and NYSDOT to Develop Sustainable Roadway Lighting Seminars, Guidebook


Mariana Figueiro Invited to Present at Mount Sinai Grand Rounds


Mariana Figueiro to Speak at TEDMED 2014


LRC Issues New DELTA Report: LED Lighting in a Campus Building


Lighting Research Center Authors National Academies Report on New Roadway Lighting Technologies


Lighting Research Center Launches Lighting Energy Alliance

Residential Lighting One-Day Training Course


LRC Announces New Light and Health Institute


New Light and Health Alliance at LRC


NLPIP Releases Report on Plasma Lighting Systems


Mariana Figueiro Elected Fellow of Illuminating Engineering Society


LRC Evaluates Safety Impacts of Advanced Car Headlight Systems


Interactive Video Helps Contractors, Builders, Electricians Select and Install LED Lighting


LRC Designs New Skylight to Scoop Up Daylight, Save Energy


LRC's ASSIST Publication Guides Managers of Multi-family Housing in Selecting LED Lighting


LRC Demonstrates Advanced Building Infrastructure for Solid-State Lighting in Hollywood


LRC Student Receives Illuminating Engineering Society Graduate Grant


Fall Dates for LED Lighting Institute, Photometry Institute, Outdoor Lighting Institute Announced


User-based Definition for Lamp Dimming Proposed in LRC's ASSIST recommends Publication


LRC Student Receives Sylvan R. Shemitz Memorial Scholarship


LRC Launches First Interactive, Online Lighting Design Resource for Homes


LRC Researchers Receive Leon Gaster Award

Lighting Research Center Innovation Featured in Scientific American

Red Light Increases Alertness During "Post-Lunch Dip"

LRC Professor Nadarajah Narendran Serves on National Academy of Sciences Solid-State Lighting Committee

New Photometry Lab at the LRC

LRC's 25th Anniversary Celebration

Nadarajah Narendran to deliver keynote at NYS solid-state lighting conference

Lighting Research Center Hosts LED Lighting Institute May 14-17, 2013

Lighting Research Center and Penn State Researchers Identify Links Between Visibility and Safety From Roadway Lighting

Ogilvy's Rory Sutherland to Give Keynote at Lighting Research Center's 25th Anniversary Celebration

Lighting Research Center Celebrates 25 Years of Research and Education

Ecoluminance: LRC Develops New Method to Light Roundabouts

"Blue" Light Could Help Teenagers Combat Stress

Lighting Up the Aviation Industry

LRC Researchers Propose New Metric to Help Architects and Green Builders Take Advantage of Daylighting

Lighting Research Center Announces Besal Lighting Education Fund Award Recipients


Depending on How Much and How Long, Light from Self-Luminous Tablet Computers Can Affect Evening Melatonin, Delaying Sleep

Calculation methods for estimating detection and acceptance of LED light source flicker published in ASSIST recommends


Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Solid-State Lighting Alliance

LRC's Bullough Authors National Academies Report on LED Airfield Lighting

Exposure to Light Could Help Alzheimer's Patients Sleep Better


Lighting Research Center Hosts LED Lighting Institute September 18-20, 2012

LRC Hosts Photometry Institute Seminar, October 24-25, 2012


LS13: Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer To Host International Symposium


Transportation Lighting Alliance Study from LRC Explores Pedestrian Safety at Roundabouts


New Video Webisode Highlights Adult Eye Changes

The Scientist Selects Dimesimeter as one of Top Ten Innovations of 2011

Rensselaer Professor Invited to Give Trotter Paterson Memorial Lecture

Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer To Host International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Lighting

LRC Presents Photometry Institute Seminar, April 11-12, 2012


Load-Shed Ballast System Field Test Results Published


Lighting Research Center Kicks Off 2012 Seminar Series for Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs

States Implementing Wipers-on, Headlamps-on Law See Reduction in Fatal Crashes According to Lighting Research Center Study

LRC Study Challenges Claims that Satellite Images of Outdoor Lighting Predict Breast Cancer Incidence

Innovative Lighting Technique Reduces Risk for Falls in Older Adults

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Associate Professor Featured in New Book Published by Sally Ride Science Designed To Engage Young People in Science
Lighting Research Center Hosts Outdoor Lighting Institute October 12-13, 2011

Studies Published on Minimizing Flicker from SSL Systems; ASSIST to Release Related Recommendation


"Best of Sleep Medicine 2011" Textbook Includes LRC Field Study Results on Impact of Light on Teens' Sleeping Habits


LRC's ASSIST Recommendations Provide New Methods for Evaluating Street and Roadway Lighting, Estimating Discomfort Glare

Spring Proves Fruitful for LRC Graduate Students

New Guide Provides Daylighting Designs to Maximize Students' Health and Performance


NLPIP Releases Report on Street Lighting Technologies Used in Residential Areas

World Bank Group Selects LRC to Test LED-based, Off-grid Lighting Products in Support of Lighting Africa Program

LRC Steers Collaborative Initiative To Achieve Sustainable Lighting in South Asia with LED Technology

Swedish Energy Agency


Swedish Energy Agency Partners with Lighting Research Center

Aaron Smith


LD+A Magazine Recognizes LRC Researcher as Future Leader in Lighting

NLPIP Releases Addendum to Report on Street Lighting Technologies and Addresses Industry Comments


National Lighting Product Information Program Releases New Report on Street Lighting Technologies

automobile headlamp

Public Has Yet to Fully Embrace New Headlamp Technologies

Evening sunlight in spring creates teenage night owls

Exposure to Early Evening Sunlight in Spring Creates Teenage Night Owls

Under Cabinet Lights

LED Residential Under-cabinet Luminaires Report Available Online

Outdoor Lighting

New ASSIST technical paper evaluates the impact of outdoor lighting on the human circadian system

Circadian Light

Researchers define light as it impacts the human circadian system

Color rendering shows the vividness of color in the objects illuminated.

ASSIST recommendation provides new metrics for specifying color properties in retail lighting

Dayswitch components

DaySwitch Field Test Demonstrates Simple Daylight Harvesting Technology to Save Energy

Nick Skinner adjusts a LED beacon

LED beacon lights on maintenance trucks are safe, economical alternatives to traditional rotating beacons

LED Street Lighting

LED Street Lighting Field Test Results Published

Student wears the Daysimeter

Lack of Morning Light Keeping Teenagers Up at Night

Lighting Research Center Announces Besal Lighting Education Fund Award Recipient

Novel Crosswalk Lighting Improves Pedestrian Safety

RCL photo collage

Lighting Research Center Helps Catapult South Asia's Lighting Infrastructure into 21st Century

Proven Method Available to Significantly Reduce Energy Consumption in Street Lighting


Welch Allyn Global Headquarters Takes Advantage of Daylighting with Help from LRC DesignWorks

Photovoltaic LED Outdoor Lighting System Field Test Results Published

Lighting Answers: LED Lighting Products for Consumers


National Lighting Product Information Program (NLPIP) releases new report on LED Lighting Products for Consumers

LED array

Lighting Research Center Hosts LED Lighting Institute September 22-24, 2009

Researchers Develop Light-Treatment Device to Improve Sleep Quality in the Elderly
CFL Intelligence
ASSIST recommendation provides new evaluation metric for parking lot luminaires
New Daylight Institute Series
Mesopic characterization of nighttime lighting described in new ASSIST guidelines
Researchers Develop Method to Reduce Headlamp Glare and Maintain Maximum Roadway Visibility
Lighting Research Center’s LED Lighting Institute Goes "On the Road"
con edison logo  11/13/2008
Con Edison Joins As Newest Lighting Research Center Partner
lighting research center 20th anniversary  11/4/2008
Lighting Research Center Celebrates 20 Years of Research and Education
Lighting Research Center named recipient of U.S. Green Building Council’s 2008 Green Building Research Fund Grant
LRC Develops Framework for Assessing Light Pollution
New ASSIST guidelines issued for testing LEDs used in decorative lighting
Daysimeter modeled by LRC researcher  7/16/2008
New Approach Sheds Light on Ways Circadian Disruption Affects Human Health
Lighting Research Center Hosts LED Lighting Institute September 23-25, 2008
Research subject  6/6/2008
Circadian Math: One Plus One Doesn’t Always Equal Two
Office Lighting  6/3/2008
Lighting Research Center paves the way for commercially viable, high efficiency demand response ballast
Bright Idea: LRC Launches New Program To Support Growth of Lighting-Related Business
Lighting Research Center Evaluates Integrated Classroom Lighting System
Downlight sketch  1/10/2008
National Lighting Product Information Program (NLPIP) releases new report on residential downlights
(Rennselaer press release) Researchers Developing Device To Predict Proper Light Exposure for Human Health
LRC Researcher Awarded Funding to Explore Effect of Light on Human Phototransduction
Lighting Research Center and OSRAM SYLVANIA demonstrate new load-shedding technology to help reduce peak electric loads on the nation's stressed grid
Lighting Research Center forming collaborative group of researchers worldwide
Researchers Examine How Headlight Glare May Affect Driving Behaviors and Roadway Safety
Lighting Research Center Hosts LED Lighting Institute September 13-15, 2006
ASSIST Draws Global Support to Advance the Applications of LED Technology
Scientists Develop Simple Alternative for Harvesting Daylight and Saving Energy
New Research May Decode Data from Rodent Cancer Studies for Use in Human Comparisons
Leading Scientists Examine the Impact of Architectural Lighting on Breast Cancer
Researchers Examine the Impact of Architectural Lighting on Breast Cancer
Electronic Walls and Ceilings Make it Easy to Change Lighting and Room Design
Framework Developed for Testing How Lighting Can Affect Human Health
Lighting Research Center Selected to Join FAA Centers of Excellence Program
Lighting Research Center Awarded Contract to Redefine National Roadway Lighting Guidelines
Lighting Research Center Hosts LED Lighting Institute September 21-23, 2005
Light Treatment May Help Teens Wake for School
LED technology saves energy, attracts shoppers to retail windows
Breakthrough Technology Accelerates Solid-State Lighting
Lighting Research Center partners with Boeing to develop aircraft lighting solutions
LED Lighting Institute trains professionals for ‘next generation lighting’ in successful hands-on seminar
Lighting Research Center industry group distributes guidelines for reporting LED life
Lighting Research Center studies LED technology for supermarkets
Lighting Research Center to develop white-light LED illumination system using quantum dot nanomaterials
Kennedy Towers revitalization project enlists help of students from Rensselaer’s Lighting Research Center
Lighting Research Center launches Live! from the LRC
Lighting Research Center's LED Lighting Institute set for April 21-23, 2004
Bridges in Light symposium charts new course for lighting industry
Shedding Light on Emergency Vehicles
Lighting a new world:
New publication examines and explains “full-spectrum” lighting
Watt of Prevention Is Worth a Megawatt of Cure
Lighting Research Center to Present "Lighting the Bennington Battle Monument: Issues and Options"
LRC Faculty are Keynote Speakers at International Lighting Conference
Lighting Research Center hires Director of Energy Programs
Lighting Research Center to Examine Issues and Options in Lighting the Bennington Battle Monument
Lighting Research Center Probing Key to Good Night's Sleep for Persons with Alzheimer's
Lighting Research Center Experts to present at International Lighting Research Symposium
Lighting Research Center Announces New Publication
Lighting Research Center Working to Reduce Light Pollution
Lighting Research Center Experts present at International Society for Optical Engineering Conference
LRC Develops Retinal Flux Density Meter
Lighting Research Center forms Alliance to bring cutting edge technology to the marketplace
Cutting Edge Research at Lighting Research Center May Change the Way we Light our World
Lighting Research Center Staff Earn Lighting Certification
Lighting Gas Stations Safely, Effectively
Lighting Research Center Innovative L.E.D. Lighting Institute Overwhelming Success
Overwhelming demand prompts Lighting Research Center to hold second LED Lighting Institute
Rensselaer's Lighting Research Center Web Site Tops Google™ Search Rankings
Lighting Research Center offers unique LED Lighting Institute
High-Intensity-Discharge Headlights Improve Visibility Study at Lighting Research Center cites safety benefits while acknowledging complaints of increased glare
A Family of Lighting Innovators Honored at Lighting Research Center
Lighting the Way to Independence
Lighting Research Center and GE Fund, GE Lighting Launch Program to Increase Minority Recruitment
Optical Research Associates establishes a scholarship at the Lighting Research Center
Lighting Research Center offers Fiber Optics Lighting Institute
LRC Students help Community fight Crime
Lighting Research Center Director elected Fellow of Lighting Society in U.K.
Lighting Research Center Staff receive Awards
OSRAM SYLVANIA Donates $100,000 to Rensselaer's Lighting Research Center in Honor of Lighting Scientist
Rensselaer's Lighting Research Center Wins Public Service Award from NYSERDA
Mark Rea Wins Prestigious Lighting Award
Lighting Research Center Wins Grant from AARP Andrus Foundation to Educate the Public about Lighting for Older Adults
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