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Energy Efficiency

The goal of the Energy Efficiency program is to conduct projects that speed the creation, entry, and penetration of energy-efficient lighting technologies and practices into the commercial and residential markets, nationally and worldwide.

To accomplish this goal, the LRC offers technical information and advice, and assists in networking, planning, and facilitating activities for energy efficiency organizations and their customers.

    LED Troffer InstallationsNEW! LED Troffer Installations

    This is a guide for contractors and specifiers who are replacing existing fluorescent troffers with new LED troffers or retrofit kits. Factors that should be taken into consideration include providing adequate illuminance, energy savings, occupant satisfaction, payback period, and using lighting controls. Development of this guide was sponsored by the Lighting Energy Alliance.


    Lighting Patterns for Homes: A guide for selecting quality, efficient lighting for homes.

    Lighting Patterns for Homes was created to help homeowners, contractors and builders choose the right light bulbs, fixtures and controls to maximize energy savings, calculate lighting costs and achieve lighting effects to meet a wide range of needs in their homes.This site also shows how to design safe, healthy lighting for aging adults. It helps homeowners and others navigate the increasing number of lighting options in today's marketplace and allows them to see how various options will actually look by viewing photo-realistic illustrations created by 3-D modeling software.

    Lighting Patterns for Homes

    LED Lighting: An interactive video presentation

    LED lighting can provide energy efficient, high quality lighting in many settings. The Lighting Research Center and NYSERDA present the following interactive video to assist contractors, building professionals, and other lighting installers with the often confusing process of selecting and installing solid-state lighting equipment for a particular application. Topics of the video include product selection, advantages and challenges of LED products, economic calculations, installation tips, and links to other available resources. Viewers can earn professional continuing education credits by watching the video and using the interactive features. Adobe Flash and a broadband internet connection are required.
    Click to see short, interactive video, "LED Lighting"

    (Note: You must have Flash Player 11 or later installed to view the presentation. Click here to download Flash player.)

    For more information contact Jeremy Snyder, Program Director, Energy Efficiency.




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