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DELTA Portfolio
DELTA Portfolio: McLean Village, Independent Living Facility for Seniors

McLean Village, an upscale independent living facility for seniors, wants its lighting to be sensitive to the special visual needs of its older residents while keeping energy and maintenance costs low. Designers crafted a lighting system that compensates
DELTA Portfolio: South Mall Towers, Senior Residence

This high-rise urban residence for low- to moderate-income seniors and disabled adults uses new and retrofit age-sensitive lighting to provide a safe and comfortable environment. The lighting makes the most of the visual capabilities of seniors at minimal cost for maintenance and energy use. Designs include lighting for one-bedroom and alcove apartments, as well as common areas such as the lobby, community room, and corridors.
DELTA Snapshots
DELTA Snapshots: Home Office Lighting

Increasing numbers of people work from their homes. With this trend comes a need for higher levels of ambient lighting without reflected glare on computer screens. This Snapshot describes comfortable and flexible lighting appropriate for a home office with minimal electricity use and glare and at minimal installation cost.
DELTA Snapshots: Lighting for Dormitories

Dormitory rooms can be dark, but the risk of fire associated with tungsten-halogen ("quartz") lamp torchieres has prompted many colleges in North America to ban their use in dormitories. Ambient lighting can be produced safely and efficiently with torchieres and task lights that use compact fluorescent lamps instead. This Snapshot describes a dormitory room lighted with an ENERGY STAR torchiere supplemented with a compact fluorescent task light.
Field Test DELTA Snapshots
Delta Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Sensor-Controlled Bi-level Lighting for Parking Lots

This guide summarizes results from LRC field demonstrations of several sensor-based dimming strategies: various delay times for dimming onset, various dim levels, and grouped vs. independent control of parking lot luminaires. It also provides guidance on how to select and set up these types of systems.
Delta Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Sensor-Controlled Lighting in Multi-Family Corridors

This guide shows results from a field demonstration of sensor-controlled, bi-level corridor lighting. Occupants had positive feedback, and considerable energy savings were achieved. Monitoring results from 14 other apartment buildings enabled energy savings calculations comparing market rate vs. below market rate buildings. As energy codes move toward increased adoption of sensor-controlled lighting, these results show how to use bi-level lighting to improve energy efficiency without occupant dissatisfaction.

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