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The Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies (ASSIST) is active in a number of research projects and other activities to advance and promote LED technology. One of these activities is a publication program called ASSIST recommends, which was developed to provide a set of formal recommendations to the LED and lighting communities about issues important for the reliable performance of LED lighting and its comparison to other light source technologies. The publications include recommendations for LED life definition, testing and measurement, best practice guides for different lighting applications, and recommendations for selecting LED lighting.

Unlike traditional test procedures that require products to be tested under standardized, ideal conditions, ASSIST recommends methods call for testing products under conditions similar to those found in the application environment, where the light source could experience many different temperatures and may perform poorly as a result. Testing products by intended application allows for apples-to-apples peformance comparisons because test methods have been developed from a technology-neutral standpoint.

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Application Guides

Human Factors

Performance, Metrics & Test Methods

Development Process

ASSIST recommends publications are developed under the sponsorship and guidance of ASSIST members using research conducted by the LRC. Each ASSIST recommends publication undergoes internal review, first by LRC researchers and then by ASSIST sponsors. Industry input also is gathered during the writing process through roundtable sessions or public presentations. Based upon this input, the publications are revised and then published online for free download. As warranted, the publications are updated from time to time to reflect new research, technologies, methods, and equipment.

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