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ASSIST recommends... Outdoor Lighting

ASSIST recommends . . . Outdoor Lighting

Published January 2009

This volume of ASSIST recommends provides a general overview of outdoor lighting, a fast-growing market for LEDs, as well as information about a new system for characterizing different light sources used in outdoor lighting.

The first issue discusses the objectives and applications of outdoor lighting and factors to consider when planning an outdoor lighting installation.

The second issue discusses a new, unified system of photometry that would more accurately characterize different light sources at any light level, facilitating the specification of effective lighting systems for different applications, including those used outdoors at night.

Volume 6, Issue 1: Outdoor Lighting: A Short Guide to Applications, Objectives and Considerations
PDF (PDF 221K)

Volume 6, Issue 2: Outdoor Lighting: Visual Efficacy PDF (PDF 353K)


Technical Report: The Potential of Outdoor Lighting for Stimulating the Human Circadian System

See ASSIST recommends: Parking Lot Lighting and ASSIST recommends: Street and Roadway Lighting for more outdoor lighting recommendations.


ASSIST and the Lighting Research Center would like to thank the following for their review and feedback during the development of this publication: New York State Energy and Research Development Authority.


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Press Release: New ASSIST technical paper evaluates the impact of outdoor lighting on the human circadian system

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