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ASSIST: Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies

ASSIST recommends...Recommendations for Evaluating Street and Roadway Luminaires

Published April 2011

This volume of ASSIST recommends describes a calculation method for determining the luminaire system application efficacy (LSAE) of street and roadway luminaires. This method is an extension of ASSIST’s recommended method for parking lot luminaires and shows how LSAE can be adapted to requirements typical of street and roadway lighting applications, so that luminaires of different source technologies can be compared on the same basis.

Volume 10, Issue 1: Recommendations for Evaluating Street and Roadway LuminairesPDF

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Project Summary Sheet (2011)


ASSIST and the Lighting Research Center would like to thank the following for their review and feedback during the development of this publication: Philips Hadco.

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