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ASSIST: Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies

ASSIST recommends...Flicker

This series of ASSIST recommends provides recommendations for assessing flicker in lighting systems. Volume 1 outlines a preliminary calculation method for trading off frequency and percent flicker, based on recent data, for estimating the detection and acceptability of indirect, stroboscopic flicker from SSL systems. Volume 2 provides application considerations related to stroboscopic effects. Volume 3 is a recommended metric for evaluating direct flicker perception from lighting.

Volume 11, Issue 1: Flicker Parameters for Reducing Stroboscopic Effects from Solid-state Lighting Systems PDF – May 2012

Volume 11, Issue 2: Application Considerations Related to Stroboscopic Effects from Light Source Flicker PDF – October 2014, Revised September 2015

Volume 11, Issue 3: Recommended Metric for Assessing the Direct Perception of Light Source Flicker PDF – January 2015

Flicker Perception Metric Examples for Issue 3

To show the metric calculation procedure described in Issue 3, included here for download are several .txt file waveform examples that can be used with the sample Matlab code included in the appendices. The text files represent the recommended sampling rate and record length to accurately calculate the proposed perceived flicker metric.

Example .txt files and Matlab code for download:

Volume 11, Issue 4: Evaluating Light Source Flicker for Stroboscopic Effects and General Acceptability PDF – August 2017

Stroboscopic Flicker Calculation Example Downloads for Issue 4

Calculating CP Example Matlab code: Cp_16Aug2017.m

Calculating CP Ratio Example Matlab code: CpRatio_16Aug2017.m


ENERGY STAR® Flicker Testing Tutorial – September 22, 2017

Introduction to Flicker Concepts and Effects – Dr. John Bullough, LRC

Metrics for Evaluating Flicker – Andrew Bierman, LRC

Waveform Acquisition Basics – Andrew Bierman, LRC


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