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Published March 2010

This volume of ASSIST recommends describes the two most common metrics used in the lighting industry to define light source color properties: correlated color temperature (CCT) and color rendering index (CRI). This volume focuses on applying these color metrics in retail merchandising applications.

The first issue provides a background on CCT and CRI, including their advantages and drawbacks, and discusses how they may be augmented for better use in retail merchandising.

The second issue recommends two-metric approaches for specifying light sources to achieve desired color appearance and good color rendering in retail applications.

Volume 8, Issue 1: Guide to Light and Color in Retail Merchandising PDF

Volume 8, Issue 2: Recommendations for Specifying Color Properties of Light Sources for Retail Merchandising PDF

GAI Calculator (.xls) and Instructions


ASSIST and the Lighting Research Center would like to thank the following for their review and feedback during the development of this publication: John Bullough and Patricia Rizzo.


Understanding White Light Source Color Rendering and Appearance

Project Summary Sheet (2010) PDF

Project Summary Sheet (2009) PDF

Press Release: ASSIST recommendation provides new metrics for specifying color properties in retail lighting

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