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Outdoor Lighting

The human eye views light differently at night than it does in the daylight. At the LRC, investigators look into how the eye perceives light differently and how to use the most effective lighting types for outdoor scenes.

Highlighted Projects

headlightMetal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium Lighting for Outdoor Applications
Metal halide lighting are gaining in acceptance for many night time applications. Researchers at the LRC have investigated the "quality" issues associated with the two lighting system types. HPS and MH installations were compared in terms of perceptions of brightness and safety.
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headlightLRC Develops Framework for Assessing Light Pollution
Although lighting outdoor spaces at night has led to safer streets, too much nighttime illumination can cause problems for stargazing, animal health, and may even compromise sleep. Balancing public and private interests for nighttime lighting has been a difficult undertaking, as too little lighting may increase safety and security issues, while too much lighting may cause problems for the environment and for human well being. Scientists at the LRC have developed the first ever comprehensive method for predicting and measuring various aspects of light pollution. 
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ASSIST recommends...for outdoor and parking lot lighting ASSIST
The Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies (ASSIST), through its ASSIST recommends publications, has provided guidance about designing lighting schemes for outdoor spaces. These publications include:

To access all ASSIST recommends publications and to learn more about the ASSIST program, click here.

The following lists include articles and presentations on related subjects.
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