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About the Transportation Lighting Program

What is Transportation Lighting?
Transportation is defined as the act of moving something from one location to another. Transportation lighting is the way you illuminate transportation, whether it is headlights on an automobile, lights in a parking lot, lights on a runway, or even safety lights along a campus sidewalk. 

Of particular interest to the transportation group at the LRC is the illumination of roadways. Through careful application of lighting sources, users are able to see where they are going, gather information about the surrounding environment, interact safely with other drivers and pedestrians, and much more.  By improving roadway lighting, the LRC believe that our highways can become safer, more energy-efficient, reduce light pollution, stimulate economic development, and improve aesthetics and comfort.

What is the LRC’s Transportation Research Mission?
The mission of the LRC Transportation Lighting Group (TLG) is to advance the effective use of lighting in the roadway system and create a legacy of positive change for society and the environment.

Research at the LRC
The LRC is conducting research in many key areas of transportation research, including:

  • Highway lighting
  • Automobile lighting (interior and exterior)
  • Airplane lighting (interior)
  • Runway lighting
  • Safety lighting (helmets in a mine)
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