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Senior Research Scientist John Bullough, Ph.D.Streetlights might not always make roadways as safe as you think

Senior Research Scientist John Bullough, Ph.D., was featured on WAMC's Academic Minute on August 9, 2015. He discusses why streetlights might not always make the roads as safe as you think. Listen to the audio interview here!

WAMC/Northeast Public Radio is a regional public radio network serving parts of seven northeastern states.

Lighting for Roadway Safety

Making our highways safe for drivers and pedestrians is the goal of our transportation research group. Lighting our nation's highways is an important way to create roadways.

Highlighted Projects

bollardsNovel Crosswalk Lighting Improves Pedestrian Safety
Reduced nighttime visibility is a probable contributor to pedestrian injuries and fatalities. Through the Region II University Transportation Research Center, the LRC completed a project for the New Jersey Department of Transportation to systematically evaluate different approaches to lighting at pedestrian crosswalks for improving pedestrian visibility and detection.
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HeadlightEffects of Roadway Signage on Driver Perception and Behavior
When approaching a sharp curve, there are many roadway delineators to let you know to slow down. Researchers look for a way to make drivers to slow down sooner.
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Ecoluminance lighting systemEcoluminance for Energy-Efficient and Safe Roadway Travel
The LRC identified and evaluated promising approaches to incorporating lighting and vegetation, or ecoluminance system, along roadways. The visibility of objects along several roadway applications (urban boulevards, curved exit ramps, and roundabouts) was investigated using a series of lighting simulations.
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The following list includes articles and presentations on related subjects.

Research: Roadway and Highway Construction Lighting
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