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ASSIST conducts demonstration projects to help people rethink the way we use lighting today. Because LEDs don’t fit the same mold as traditional technologies, they have the potential to perform as a lighting solution in ways never possible before.

ASSIST’s demonstration projects show how LEDs can be used successfully today in many types of lighting applications and as an alternative to traditional technologies. Because of their unique properties, LEDs must be applied in a manner that ensures optimal life, performance, and energy efficiency.

Learn more about ASSIST’s demonstration projects below.

LED Lighting for Multi-family Housing (2013)
The LRC and ASSIST have published a guide for multi-family housing owners and facility managers on how to upgrade to LED lighting.

Electronic Walls and Ceilings Offer Adaptable Solid-State Lighting (2012)
Solid-state lighting offers new ways to think about how we light our spaces. The LRC has developed a flexible interior infrastructure that integrates solid-state lighting with other building materials and systems, allowing for rapid reconfigurations of built-in lighting.

LED Lighting for Supermarket Freezer Display Cases (2010)
Beginning in 2002, the LRC investigated the use of LEDs in supermarket refrigerator and freezer display cases, where fluorescent lamps were a common but not ideal technology for cold environments. Laboratory experiments, a supermarket demonstration, and a lighting performance test method designed for freezer displays helped lead the transformation of this application to LEDs.

Innovative Lighting Solutions for Senior Care Facilities (2005)
The LRC showed how innovative lighting designs and advanced technologies, including LEDs, photosensors and occupancy sensors, could help seniors in long-term care facilities maintain independence and be more comfortable.

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