Lighting Workshop 2012


Light7 brochureGraduate students from the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute debuted an art exhibit about what you constantly see but seldom notice — light. Their exhibition, Light7, manipulates radiant energy as an expressive medium integral to each piece. They used a variety of lighting techniques to create pieces that reflect their passions, perspectives, or whimsy.

The LRC's graduate students represent a host of countries, backgrounds and interests, which always adds unique flair and charm to this annual event presented free and open to the public.

The student projects stemmed from the LRC's Lighting Workshop course, a research and design class integrating technology, design, policy, and communication. As part of the course, the students do research examining the use of light as a medium.

The April 27, 2012 demonstration was part of Troy Night Out, a monthly arts and cultural event in Troy, NY.

(text adapted from LRC news release)

Light7  Light7
Light7  Light7