Design Team

As part of the LRC, DesignWorks has access to a multitude of resources. We have experts in lighting design, vision science and technology, as well as the unparalleled intellect and creative minds of our graduate students.

Russ Leslie

LRC Associate Director and practicing architect, Russ has led more than 100 architectural projects and planning studies, with particular expertise in daylighting. He is responsible for the development of LRC's research and education programs. Russ has authored numerous articles and books on lighting, daylighting, architecture, and energy, including the award-winning Lighting Pattern Book for Homes and The Outdoor Lighting Pattern Book. He developed the National Lighting Product Information Program (NLPIP). Often referred to as the "Consumer Reports of lighting," NLPIP publications have transformed the lighting market. Russ also served as Director of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and Chair of the Society for Building Science Educators.

Jennifer Brons

Whether she's drawing from her experience working with electrical contractors and custom luminaire manufacturers in California or her lighting design work in the UK, Jen brings many skills to DesignWorks. Jen manages LRC's case study evaluation program, DELTA. Recently, Jen has been addressing light pollution concerns with Outdoor Site Performance (OSP), a calculation technique to enable lighting specifiers to minimize glow, trespass and glare.

Jean Paul Freyssinier-Nova

Principal of design for Octavo Arte, Mexico, before coming to the LRC in 1999, Jean Paul's expertise is both broad and deep including an extensive knowledge of solid-state lighting, LED performance, fixture design, photometry, and the spectral effects of lighting.

Martin Overington

Martin is the one who makes everything happen. With a background in entertainment lighting and concert and theater lighting, creative solutions are his specialty—and come to him effortlessly. As technical lab manager, Martin keeps the LRC and DesignWorks in optimal running order. Mock-ups come to life on short notice, and the impossible becomes possible.

Leora Radetsky

With an extensive background in photometry, daylighting, and lighting software, Leora brings over ten years of experience to the LRC. She serves as a test committee member for the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) and is Vice-chair of the IESNA Roadway Lighting Measurements & Calculations subcommittee. Since joining the LRC, Leora's invaluable expertise and technical guidance are evident on several research and design projects.

In addition, our staff has expertise in daylighting simulation visualization, calculations and computer rendering programs enabling us to provide clients with a 'vision' of their proposed results.