About the Program

DesignWorks provides cutting-edge lighting design solutions, effectively pairing advanced research with dynamic design concepts.

Design is rooted in multidisciplinary research, and this program critically addresses the personal, environmental, and economic needs of contemporary society.

About the Process

Science: Let the research lead

The LRC is consistently breaking new ground in research and developing lighting solutions founded on proven, objective results. Our design solutions integrate an advanced understanding of the human response to light, the effect of exterior lighting on the spirit and economics of a community, the ability to save energy while increasing appeal in retail environments, and advanced lighting controls.

Sustainability: Tread lightly upon the earth

From its onset, the LRC has been developing and promoting sustainable lighting technologies. Likewise, our design solutions respect the environment with regard to composition of materials, disposal issues, and energy use. Primary consideration is given to techniques that integrate daylighting and electric lighting using advanced and efficient controls. Energy efficiency is implicit in all design solutions.

Style: Let the light speak

Aesthetics are an integral component of any design, and certainly the most visible. Our design team is committed to coordinating all functional elements into a visually compelling product that enhances the client's identity and message.