Market Bistro
by Price Chopper, Latham, NY

Vibrant, inviting, a departure from the typical uniformly bright supermarket – the experience of being in the Market Bistro by Price Chopper in Latham, New York, extends beyond buying groceries and finding the shortest checkout line to rush out. LRC DesignWorks contributed lighting design to make shoppers want to linger.

The 88,000 square-foot building is predominantly lit by LEDs, with a lighting power density of 0.8 watts per square foot. Low ambient light levels provide the backdrop for contrast through higher intensities on the displays, especially evident in the produce area. High color rendering LED light sources were selected to enhance produce and floral displays, and marquee lighting marks specialty locations. Signage throughout the store is accentuated by uplighting along soffits.

Marquee lighting marks the entry canopy and continues through the store to both the floral and Italian Market trellises.

The lighting is intended to reinforce the feeling of being in a bustling market, as well as providing flexible light levels for dining areas. The center seating area is the focal point, where a canopy of 'trees' slowly changes color and tempo for diners sitting beneath it as they enjoy food offerings from the many surrounding restaurants.

The dynamic tree canopy above the seating area suggests the changing of seasons.

Individual canopies were designed to resemble table lamps over each checkout, with diffuse globes providing the glow through the translucent shades while PAR20 LED lamps provided workable downlight on the counters. These purposefully aimed touches of light make the end of each shopper's visit as unique as its beginning.