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The technology prototypes discussed within this section of the website were developed with funding from the Daylight Dividends program. These technologies may not yet be commercialized. If you are a manufacturer and are interested in commercializing any of these products, please contact Jeremy Snyder.


The Daylight Dividends program has sponsored the LRC’s development of a unique device for measuring the daylighting effect on the human circadian system. The device called a “daysimeter” measures photopic and light affecting the circadian system illuminance at the eye. It also measures and records head movements. It records the information within the device for later downloading onto a computer. Click here for further information.


DaySwitch™ Demonstration Project
A small demonstration and evaluation of the DaySwitch™ was undertaken at the University of Oregon and at the Lighting Research Center to determine its operational issues, energy savings capabilities and building occupant acceptance. There are two reports on the DaySwitch™ demonstrations, one for each site. While the DaySwitch™ is not yet commercialized, the demonstration results are very encouraging.

Mechanical Shade Control Device
A small demonstration and evaluation of a mechanical shade control device developed by the University of Oregon's Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory was undertaken to determine the device's operational issues, building occupant acceptance and energy saving capabilities when used with lighting photocell controls. There are two reports on the mechanical shade controll device, one from the test sites at the University of Oregon and the second from the test sites at the Lighting Research Center.

Skylight luminiare

Self-commissioning photosensor

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