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About Daylight Dividends

Daylight Dividends is a multi-year joint research program of the U. S. Department of Energy (US DOE), New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), California Energy Commission (CEC), Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P), Iowa Energy Center (IEC), North Carolina Daylighting Consortium (NCDC), Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) and the Lighting Research Center (LRC) facilitating the widespread implementation of daylight in buildings. The "dividends" include human comfort and performance and energy savings. Daylight Dividends is run by the Lighting Research Center on behalf of the project sponsors. The program began in 2003 and continues today to provide resources to building professionals.

The first stage of Daylight Dividends was to conduct a peer review of existing research on the effects of daylight to determine what further research is required to fill gaps in existing knowledge. The document, "The Benefits of Daylight," contains this review, its results, and a full list of academic references.

Concurrently with this research review, a series of focus groups were conducted among key decision-makers to identify barriers to widespread utilization of daylight and the most effective ways of informing building owners, developers, architects and engineers about how and why to use daylight in a cost-effective way.

These two reports set the agenda for the research phase of the Daylight Dividends program. Deliverables to date include:

  • market research into the barriers facing daylighting
  • determining the current research work in daylighting and what research still needed to be completed
  • technology development and testing
  • building systems energy interactions between windows, lighting, heating and air conditioning in daylit buildings
  • examination of daylighting's effect on the human circadian system and productivity
  • nine seed research projects conducted by major universities throughout the United States
  • three case studies
  • two demonstrations of emerging daylighting technologies
  • development and upkeep of a dedicated website
  • educational programs for building designers, owners and managers
  • outreach efforts to promote the use of effective daylighting

New sponsors sought - The Daylight Dividends consortium invites other interested parties to join them, as a sponsor, in overcoming the barriers to the effective use of daylighting and the promotion of daylighting for today's buildings.

Please contact Russ Leslie, Lighting Research Center, or phone (518) 687-7100 for additional information.

California Energy Commission
Connecticut Light & Power
Efficiency Vermont
Lighting Research Center
North Carolina Daylighting Consortium
Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
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