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Article Title:   An integrated skylight luminaire: Combining daylight and electric luminaires for energy-efficiency
Proceedings Title:   Proceedings of Right Light 5
Year:   May 2002
Author(s):   Leslie, Russell P.; Brons, Jennifer A.


The integrated skylight/luminaire (ISL) combines a skylight, a sunlight control device, an electric lighting system, and a photosensor control system to automatically dim the electric lights in response to daylight. These parts fit into one integrated unit that is easy to install and commisssion. When brought to market, this system is expected to be easier to specify then seperate skylight and luminaire systems, because componenets are pre-engineered to work together.
Keywords:   daylight/skylight/photosensor/self-commissioning/wireless commissioning/hand-held commissioning device/high-bay/warehouse/retail/fluorescent/dimming/ISL

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