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Winter 2010
PV Outdoor Lighting - Click for larger photoPhotovoltaic LED Outdoor Lighting System Field Test Results Published

In the effort to reduce outdoor lighting energy consumption, many towns are looking towards replacing outdoor light fixtures with light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The LRC recently released a new publication detailing field test results for photovoltaic-powered LED luminaires installed at three public, outdoor sites in upstate New York.

In the study, funded by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and Sullivan Renaissance, investigators examined system performance, photometric performance, energy savings, and whether people accepted the photovoltaic (PV) LED outdoor lighting system. The publication, Field Test DELTA: Post-Top Photovoltaic Pathway Luminaire, evaluated twenty-four prototype Renaissance luminaires designed by Sullivan Renaissance, Philips Hadco and SolarOne® Solutions. The Renaissance is a post-top luminaire with a decorative, Victorian-style appearance that operates LED modules powered by PV panels. The luminaires were installed at three sites in New York’s Sullivan County.
 PV Outdoor Lighting in Park - Click for larger photo“NYSERDA funded the independent evaluation of the Renaissance luminaire installations in Sullivan County on the hope that it would spur more widespread adoption of PV-powered LED outdoor lighting. The study’s findings are impressive and should help advance the use of this innovative type of lighting,” said NYSERDA President and CEO Francis J. Murray, Jr. “The three installations combined are expected to save 2700 kWhs per year compared to conventional outdoor lighting systems.”
 “By successfully combining traditional style with contemporary technology, the result was an off-grid luminaire that blended well with the rural surroundings, was well-received by the public, and required no utility power,” said Jennifer Brons, LRC research scientist and DELTA Program manager. “Residents and visitors at all three sites were impressed with the PV LED system.”
The study found that the Renaissance luminaires saved energy – in this particular case, three installations avoided about 3,000 lbs of CO2 emissions compared to other lighting scenarios. The study also showed that the Renaissance luminaires produced less light pollution, worked properly during all four seasons, and were characterized as "easy" in terms of installation. Results also demonstrated that luminaires' illumination levels were consistent with IESNA recommendations and were well-liked by residents.
“The result of these field tests highlight that Philips’ outdoor LED solutions can deliver multiple benefits to a community, in this case significant energy savings and an outdoor lighting experience that enhances the surroundings and simultaneously makes a community feel safer. This is a significant finding which we believe can be replicated in communities around the world, and highlights what is possible when partners with world-leading competencies in lighting and solar join forces with forward-thinking end users,” said Eric Anderson, senior marketing manager, Philips Hadco.
For complete details, a PDF version of the publication, Field Test DELTA: Post-Top Photovoltaic (PV) Pathway Luminaire, is available online.
About Sullivan Renaissance
Since its beginning in 2001, Sullivan Renaissance has funded over 400 community beautification projects in all 6 villages and 15 towns of Sullivan County, New York. The program has grown to include school projects, internships, scholarships, mini-grants, seasonal demonstration grants, municipal cleanups, technical assistance grants, environmental grants and special endeavors like the Board of Realtors Showcase Awards. Learn more.

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