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The LRC evaluates and tests lighting technologies, products, and systems to provide accurate, objective, third-party performance information. These evaluations - with support from government agencies, public benefit organizations and electric utilities - help the LRC to promote effective and energy-efficient lighting solutions, influence the market, and build industry consensus.

Concern over potential legal repercussions, expense, and technical burdens of product testing often prevent organizations from testing products and reporting brand-name information. As a result, such groups have funded LRC programs such as NLPIP (National Lighting Product Information Program) in an effort to disseminate objective, accurate, timely, manufacturer-specific information about energy-efficient lighting products.


Lighting Answers: LED Residential Under-cabinet Luminaires - This publication provides information about LED under-cabinet luminaires that were available in consumer-oriented retail stores in the spring of 2009. Four available linear under-cabinet luminaires intended for kitchen applications were tested to determine the amount of light each provides on countertop and backsplash areas, the uniformity and color of the light, and the efficacy of the luminaires. Traditional fluorescent and incandescent xenon models were tested for comparison. This report discusses the results of the performance testing, energy and financial savings, and other considerations such as warranties.

Lighting Answers: Availaibility of LED Lighting Products for Consumers - This publication provides information about the general illumination LED products that were available in consumer-oriented retail stores in the Albany, N.Y., area in the spring and fall of 2009. The types of products available for sale were power failure lights, task lights, replacement lamps (commonly referred to as light bulbs), night-lights, and under-cabinet luminaires.

Specifier Reports: Low-wattage Metal Halide Lighting Systems - A detailed report on the operation of metal halide lamps of 150 watts or less on magnetic and non-dimming electronic ballasts, including product testing.

Specifier Reports: Screwbase Compact Fluorescent Lamp Products - This issue of Specifier Reports contains performance data for compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) rated at or above 13 watts. The report includes NLPIP test data and manufacturers' data on both self-ballasted CFLs and modular CFL products that are sold with ballast and lamp packaged as a single unit.

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Related Programs


Post-Top Photovoltaic Pathway Luminaire - DELTA field-tested 24 post-top photovoltaic-powered luminaires with LEDs. The luminaires were installed at three public, outdoor sites in the Catskill Mountains region of upstate New York. DELTA tested the luminaires to verify system performance, to evaluate people's acceptance of the system, and to quantify photometric performance and energy savings.

Field Test DELTA Snapshots: LED Street Lighting - This report investigates claimed benefits of LEDs in street lighting applications, such as long life, improved uniformity, reduced maintenance, promotion of vision at low light levels, and energy savings.

Energy Star® Durability Testing - A study of the continued functioning of the lamp/ballast system several years after installation.

Integrated Skylight Luminaire - This project studied how prototypes of an integrated skylight luminaire were installed in a working warehouse and analyzed for energy savings and lighting quality.

Benchmarking High-Flux LEDs: A life test - The objective of this study was to evaluate currently available LED devices to develop a benchmark specification for state-of-the-art LED technology.

Lamp/Ballast Combination Testing for Dimming Impact pdf icon - A long-term project to understand the effects of dimming on fluorescent lighting systems.

Screwbase Compact Fluorescent Lamps (Manufacturer-Reported Information - A searchable database that contains performance data for compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) rated above 13 watts.

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