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Lighting controls are more than switches and dimmers. An increasing number of new buildings are incorporating occupancy sensors, photosensors, and automatic systems that reduce electric load demand. These controls provide an easy means for cost savings and energy efficiency, while meeting present demands for environmental responsibility and sustainability.

The LRC investigates the implementation and market acceptance of these controls, and has developed some solutions to the barriers created by this technology. New research focuses on the development of lighting components that enable lighting systems to reduce electrical use during times of peak demand while maintaining productivity levels.


Post-Top Photovoltaic Pathway Luminaires - The DELTA program field-tested 24 post-top photovoltaic powered luminaires with LEDs. DELTA tested to verify system performance, determine acceptance of the system, and quantify photometric performance and energy savings.

Daylight Harvesting Switch - The DaySwitch® is a simple daylight-harvesting switch designed to turn off electric lights when plentiful daylight is available. The LRC demonstrated the device in a several locations. This publication summarizes the product features and demonstration results.

Field Test DELTA: T5 Fluorescent High-Bay Luminaires and Wireless Lighting Controls - The DELTA research team field-tested T5 fluorescent luminaires and wireless motion-sensor lighting controls at a distribution center warehouse in Albany, N.Y.

NLPIP Specifier Reports: Occupancy Sensors - Report highlights occupancy sensors for industrial and commercial use and provides guidance for equipment selection and successful installation.

Photosensor Tutorial - A guide to photosensor technology, system components, and commissioning. - Photosensor Tutorial - A guide to photosensor technology, system components, and commissioning.

Field Test DELTA: Integrated Skylight Luminaire - Documents the field performance of a prototype skylight for warehouses that incorporates fluorescent lighting and an automatic control system.

Related Programs


Reducing Barriers to the Use of High-Efficiency Lighting Systems - The LRC conducted a three-year project exploring the problems, questions and potential solutions associated with the use of lighting controls and systems designed to reduce energy demand.

DaySwitch Demonstration Project pdf icon - Demonstration and evaluation of the DaySwitch, a new lighting control technology that turns light fixtures off when sufficient daylight is available in a space.

Shade Control Demonstration Project pdf icon - Demonstration and evaluation of a mechanical shade control device used in conjunction with the DaySwitch.

Lamp/Ballast Combination Testing for Dimming Impact pdf icon - A long-term project to understand the effects of dimming on fluorescent lighting systems.

Load-shedding Ballast: Reducing Peak Electric Demand Cost Effectively pdf icon - A new ballast designed by the LRC that reduces current supplied to a lighting system via an electronic signal.

Understanding Light Levels for Load-shedding pdf icon - A study exploring people’s response to and acceptance of dimmed light levels.

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