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Educational Opportunities

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The Lighting Research Center (LRC) administers the lighting graduate degree programs within the School of Architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The LRC has been offering the premier graduate degree in the field of lighting since 1990 with the mission of educating the future leaders in lighting. The LRC offers two degree options, a Masters and a PhD, for those wishing to pursue graduate education in the field of lighting.

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LRC studentsWhy pursue a graduate degree in lighting at the LRC?

  • The LRC provides in-depth exposure to the many disciplines that make up lighting including research, technology, design, and human factors.
  • The LRC has a multidisciplinary faculty including internationally known experts.
  • The LRC's close ties to the lighting industry allow students to work with innovative companies on the cutting edge of lighting and key lighting researchers and designers from around the world.
  • LRC graduates are in demand by the foremost names in the lighting business and by the most prestigious design firms. LRC graduates have a 100% job placement rate.
  • The LRC offers a choice of graduate degree options to meet the needs of a wide range of students.
  • The LRC provides students an established network of resources to turn innovative ideas into viable products and new ventures.

Who should pursue a graduate degree in lighting at the LRC?

  • LRC students are drawn from many disciplines and backgrounds including physics, psychology, engineering, design, architecture, art, theater, science, and related areas of study.
  • Students enter the programs directly from undergraduate study or after pursuing careers in related fields.
  • LRC students strive for excellence, want to become leaders in the lighting field, and have a passion to advance the effective use of light.

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