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DaySwitch™ Demonstration Project
A small demonstration and evaluation of the DaySwitch™ was undertaken at the University of Oregon and at the Lighting Research Center to determine its operational issues, energy savings capabilities and building occupant acceptance. There are two reports on the DaySwitch™ demonstrations, one for each site. While the DaySwitch™ is not yet commercialized, the demonstration results are very encouraging.

Mechanical Shade Control Device
A small demonstration and evaluation of a mechanical shade control device developed by the University of Oregon's Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory was undertaken to determine the device's operational issues, building occupant acceptance and energy saving capabilities when used with lighting photocell controls. There are two reports on the mechanical shade controll device, one from the test sites at the University of Oregon and the second from the test sites at the Lighting Research Center.

Are Windows and Views Really Better? PDF - (2005): A quantitative analysis of the Economic and Psychological Value of Views.

The Daysimeter: a device for measuring optical radiation as a stimulus for the human circadian system - (2005): Detailed review of a new research tool designed to measure light exposure for the human circadian system.

"The Potential of Simplified Concepts for Daylight Harvesting" - (2005): An evaluation of new, simple concepts for using natural light to increase energy savings.

LRC develops Daysimeter to measure circadian response to daylighting (2004): Appendix to Daylight Dividends year 1 report explains the development of a new light measurement system.

Technical reviews of daylighting and productivity reports (2003): Daylight Dividends has reviewed a number of technical reports on daylighting and productivity.

"The Benefits of Daylight" - (2003): The most wide-ranging research review conducted into the effects of daylight.

Focus Group Report - (2003): Building owners and designers discuss daylighting.

Integrated Skylight Luminaires (2003) installed in a warehouse prove to save energy and improve occupant satisfaction using self-commissioning technology that automatically dims or switches the lamps in response to daylight.

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