Lighting Research Center NYSERDA Lighting Patterns for Homes Image Map


Typical Hours of Use by Room

Hours Per Day That Lights Are On (Assumed)
Room Hours Per Day
Kitchen 3
Living Room 3
Dining Room 3
Basement 2.5
Home Office 2
Bathroom 1.5
Garage 1.5
Entry, Foyer, or Mudroom (Single-Family) 1.5
Hallway (Single-Family) 1.5
Laundry Room 1.5
Bedroom 1
Closet 1
Night light 12
Hall (Multi-Family) 24
Entry (Multi-Family) 24
Stair (Multi-Family) 24
Exterior (Single-Family) 4
Exterior, with dusk to dawn controller 3
Exterior, with dusk to dawn and motion detector controllers 2.5


Typical hours of use were calculated as the median value (rounded to 0.5 hours) of five data sets collected from these references:

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