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Track Lighting

Track lighting refers to a system with several components: track, electrical junction box, and one or more track heads, each of which contains a light source. The track, strip, or rail is usually mounted directly to the ceiling, though it may also be recessed or suspended. Tracks are available in a variety of lengths and configurations. Track heads are available in many shapes, styles, and colors, and may be designed for use with LEDs, CFLs, or incandescent bulbs. Track lighting is useful when flexibility is important because the heads can be repositioned on the track and easily aimed.

Ceiling-mounted track heads can be used for task lighting and/or accent lighting of artwork and furniture. Track heads can direct light in precise, controlled patterns. To achieve the desired light distribution, choose the appropriate number, type, and location of track heads. Avoid direct and reflected glare by using proper mounting locations and aiming angles and choosing fixtures that have baffles or shields to prevent a view of the bulb. Install separate controls so they can be used only when needed.


  • Tracks and heads from different manufacturers may not be compatible.


Example Patterns