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As the leading university-based research center devoted to lighting, the LRC is committed to providing reliable and objective lighting information and evaluations. Many of the world's leading lighting companies, utilities, government agencies, and other industries work with us in this effort through partnerships and project sponsorships. These collaborations help us to conduct independent research and educational programs that advance the effective use of light.

Lighting is a complex industry in the midst of a critical transition. New technologies such as solid-state lighting present great opportunities, concerns are increasing over energy use and the environment, and new research into the effects of light on human health is showing how important lighting is to everyone. This creates both opportunities and challenges for innovation and collaboration among forward looking companies and organizations of all sizes.

The LRC has worked with the lighting industry since its inception in 1988 and has strong relationships at all levels. LRC researchers have technical lighting knowledge; a thorough understanding of lighting systems, applications, and customers; and the respect and trust of public advocacy groups, industry, and government.

Large firms, government agencies, and organizations work closely with us by serving as LRC Partners. Smaller companies and organizations often sponsor particular programs and research projects.

LRC Partners

LRC Partners are leading companies and organizations committed to shaping the future of lighting. Partners provide core support for a number of research and educational programs. LRC Partners include:

For more information, visit the Partners Program or contact Rebekah Mullaney.

LRC Alliances

The LRC also administers a number of Alliances:

Alliance members collaborate to advance lighting research, education, and product development and testing.

LRC Sponsors

Sponsors provide funding and/or equipment support for a wide variety of research projects, demonstrations, evaluations, and product development. Many companies, utilities, public benefit organizations, and government agencies have sponsored LRC projects since 1988.

If you are interested in sponsoring a lighting research project or educational program, please contact us.

Research Sponsorship Contacts

Energy Efficiency
Jeremy Snyder -

LEDs and Solid-State Lighting
N. Narendran -

Light and Health
Mariana Figueiro -

Plant Pathology, Horticultural Lighting
Jaimin Patel -

Product Testing
Jeremy Snyder -

John Bullough -

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
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