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LRC Newsletter Winter 2011

  • Two New Organizations Join Lighting Research Center Partners Program
  • LRC Hosts LED Lighting Institute May 10-12, 2011
  • New Guide Provides Daylighting Designs to Maximize Students' Health and Performance
  • LRC Steers Collaborative Initiative To Achieve Sustainable Lighting in South Asia with LED Technology
  • World Bank Group Selects Rensselaer Lighting Research Center to Test LED-based, Off-grid Lighting Products in Support of Lighting Africa Program
  • Lighting Answers: Dynamic Outdoor Lighting
  • National Lighting Product Information Program Releases Reports on Street Lighting Technologies
  • LRC presents findings to Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academies
  • Roadway Lighting: Evolution and Evaluation
  • Energy Efficiency Site Unveiled
  • LRC Student Earns Ph.D. in Lighting
  • LD+A Magazine Recognizes LRC Researcher as Future Leader in Lighting
  • Elegant Pairing of Music and Light
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LRC Newsletter Summer 2010

  • New ASSIST Technical Paper Evaluates the Impact of Outdoor Lighting on the Human Circadian System
  • Save the date! LRC Hosts LED Lighting Institute September 21-23, 2010
  • Lighting Recommendations Published for Today's NICU
  • ASSIST Recommendation Provides New Metrics for Specifying Color Properties in Retail Lighting
  • LRC Develops LED Scheme for AeroFarms' Plant Environment
  • LED Residential Under-cabinet Luminaires Report Available Online
  • DaySwitch Field Test Demonstrates Simple Daylight Harvesting Technology to Save Energy
  • LED Street Lighting Field Test Results Published
  • LED Beacon Lights on Maintenance Trucks Are Safe, Economical, Alternatives to Traditional Rotating Beacons
  • Circadian Light Defined in Journal Paper
  • LRC to Identify and Test Energy-efficient Lighting for Canadian Agency
  • Windows LT: Light, Materials, and Dynamic Perception
  • Alumni Help Prepare LRC Students for Job Market
  • The LRC Celebrates Growth and Success!
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LRC Newsletter Winter 2010

  • LRC Hosts LED Lighting Institute May 4-6, 2010
  • Lack of Morning Light Keeping Teenagers Up at Night
  • Twelve Countries Participate in Sustainable Lighting Institute in South Asia
  • NLPIP releases Lighting Answers: LED Lighting Products for Consumers
  • Photovoltaic LED Outdoor Lighting System Field Test Results Published
  • Welch Allyn Global Headquarters Takes Advantage of Daylighting with Help from LRC DesignWorks
  • LRC DesignWorks Provides Lighting Design for Boston Architectural College
  • LRC Presents at International Conference on Effects of Light on Human Well-being
  • LRC Examines Safety Margin of Halogen and HID Headlamps
  • Lighting Research Center Announces Besal Lighting Education Fund Award Recipient
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LRC Newsletter Summer 2009

  • LRC Hosts LED Lighting Institute September 2009
  • ASSIST Releases Online Calculator Based on January 2009 Recommendations for Parking Lot Luminaires
  • Researchers Develop Light-Treatment Device to Improve Sleep Quality in the Elderly
  • LRC Presents Three Papers at SAE World Congress
  • New Regional Center for Energy-Efficient Lighting in South Asia Launched
  • Ecoluminance for Energy-Efficient and Safe Roadway Travel
  • Unified System of Photometry Applied to Remote Airfield Lighting
  • Effective Crosswalk Illumination Explored by LRC Research

LRC Newsletter Spring 2009

  • Two Recent Additions to the LRC Partners Program
  • LRC Enhances LED Outreach Education
  • New Daylight Institute Series
  • New Method to Reduce Headlamp Glare and Maintain Maximum Roadway Visibility
  • Quantifying the Impact of Daylight and Electric Lighting on Student Alertness, Performance, and Well-being
  • Framework Developed for Assessing Light Pollution
  • DELTA Assesses T5 High-Output Lighting System in High-Bay Warehouse Application
  • Mesopic Characterization of Nighttime Lighting Described in New ASSIST Guidelines
  • ASSIST Recommendation Provides New Evaluation Metric for Parking Lot Luminaires
  • LRC Recognized by Transportation Research Board for Best Paper Submitted
  • Lighting Research Center Graduate Student Wins National Lighting Award

LRC Newsletter Summer 2008

  • Watt Stopper/Legrand Joins LRC Partners Program
  • Load-Shed Ballast Technology Receives LFI 2008 Technical Innovation Award
  • LRC Hosts LED Lighting Institute September 2008
  • New Approach Sheds Light on Ways Circadian Disruption Affects Human Health
  • New ASSIST Guidelines Issued for Testing LEDs Used in Decorative Lighting
  • New NLPIP Initiative to Evaluate Emerging SSL Products
  • Field Study Verifies Unified System of Photometry Conserves Street Lighting Energy
  • Circadian Math: One plus One Doesn’t Always Equal Two
  • Lighting Technology Greenhouse Reaches Out to Business Community
  • Undergraduate Program Opens Doors to Careers in Life Sciences in Lighting
  • LRC Evaluates Need for Energy Efficient Lighting Center in Sri Lanka

LRC Newsletter Fall 2007

  • Thinking Inside the Box: A New Look at Light Pollution
  • LEDs for Airport Taxiways
  • NLPIP releases Specifier Reports: Photosensors
  • Compilation of "Research Matters" Articles
  • Industry Supporting LRC's Lighting Education Programs
  • Color Rendering: A Tale of Two Metrics
  • Reducing the Transmission of Airborne Diseases and Bioterrorism Agents in Buildings

LRC Newsletter July 2007

  • Transportation Lighting Alliance Releases Reports to Public
  • Alertness at Night: Factors Affecting the Future of Lighting Design
  • Career Opportunities at the LRC
  • LED Lighting Institute

LRC Newsletter April 2007

  • Career opportunities at the LRC
  • Daysimeter User Group expanding circadian light research
  • New ASSIST recommends publications cover under-cabinet and directional lighting
  • Field study examines visual performance for drivers
  • LRC graduate student receives prestigious foundation award
  • LRC students design lighting for first Optimum Performance Home
  • LRC accepting student applications for Fall 2007
  • LED Lighting Institute

LRC Newsletter January 2007


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LRC Newsletter October 2005

  • LRC Designs First-of-its-kind Interactive Lighting Lab
  • DELTA Evaluates Solar-powered Lighting for Bus Shelters
  • NLPIP Updates Specifier Reports

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