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Winter 2011
Lighting Answers: Dynamic Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lightingThe LRC’s National Lighting Product Information Program (NLPIP) released a publication from its Lighting Answers series that tackles specific questions about lighting products, systems, and subjects relevant to lighting decision makers. Lighting Answers: Dynamic Outdoor Lighting addresses the factors most hindering greater use of dynamic outdoor and street lighting, which has the potential to reduce energy use and light pollution in several applications including parking lots, parking garages, outdoor walkways, and public roadways, according to John Bullough, LRC senior research scientist and author of the online publication.

“Dynamic outdoor lighting varies light level and other characteristics automatically in response to such factors as vacancy or the type of use of the outdoor space,” said Bullough.  “While outdoor dynamic lighting technology costs are coming down, a lack of familiarity with these technologies and potential legal liabilities associated with reduced light levels is prohibiting greater market penetration.”

This publication is designed to provide strategies for implementing dynamic outdoor lighting; explain the various technologies available; and outline potential energy, environmental, and cost benefits, as well as potential drawbacks.  The complete Lighting Answers: Dynamic Outdoor Lighting publication is available online at

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