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Summer 2009

LRC Hosts LED Lighting Institute September 2009

LED Lighting InstituteThe LRC will once again host a three-day, hands-on seminar September 22-24, 2009, to teach industry professionals how to incorporate light-emitting diodes (LEDs) into lighting applications. The LED Lighting Institute will include updated technical content based on the latest industry developments.  Full story. . .

ASSIST Releases Online Calculator Based on January 2009 Recommendations for Parking Lot Luminaires

In January, the Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies (ASSIST) published a new volume in its ASSIST recommends series about parking lot lighting, a rapidly growing market for the LED lighting industry. The issue “Recommendations for Evaluating Parking Lot Luminaires,” describes a new metric for evaluating parking lot luminaires based upon how well they cater to the application’s requirements, rather than their luminous efficacy.  Full story. . .

Researchers Develop Light-Treatment Device to Improve Sleep Quality in the Elderly

Light-treatment gogglesAt the LRC, a team led by Mariana Figueiro, PhD, has tested a goggle-like device designed to deliver blue light directly to the eyes to improve sleep quality in older adults.   Full story. . .

LRC Presents Three Papers at SAE World Congress

LRC researchers John Bullough, PhD, and Nicholas Skinner presented three papers at the recent Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 2009 World Congress in Detroit, Michigan, each detailing research results on projects examining vehicle headlamp performance and visibility.  Full story. . .

New Regional Center for Energy-Efficient Lighting in South Asia Launched

RCL representatives at the LRCAfter many months of planning, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) partnered with the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) and the LRC to create a new lighting center, known as the Regional Center for Energy Efficient Lighting in Sri Lanka (RCL). The center is designed to advance sustainable lighting and make it affordable in South Asia to improve the well-being of the citizens and the countries within the region.   Full story. . .

Unified System of Photometry Applied to Remote Airfield Lighting

The Federal Aviation Administration recently sponsored a consortium of American universities (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of North Dakota – Aerospace, University of Alaska, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) to develop technical specifications for remote airfield lighting systems that will be used for nighttime operations by general (noncommercial) aircraft.  Full story. . .

Ecoluminance for Energy-Efficient and Safe Roadway Travel

Ecoluminance aids visibility in roundaboutsThe LRC recently completed a project for the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The objective was to identify and evaluate promising approaches to incorporating lighting and vegetation, or ecoluminance system, along roadways.  Full story. . .

Effective Crosswalk Illumination Explored by LRC Research

Much attention has been paid to increasing the luminous efficacy of outdoor lighting systems, and particularly to LED systems looking to replace traditional light sources used in this application. Yet, traditional means of finding the most efficacious light source for outdoor applications are not always appropriate.  Full story. . .

About the Lighting Research Center

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) is part of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy, N.Y., and is the leading university-based research center devoted to lighting. The LRC offers the world's premier graduate education in lighting, including one- and two-year master's programs and a Ph.D. program. Since 1988 the LRC has built an international reputation as a reliable source for objective information about lighting technologies, applications, and products. The LRC also provides training programs for government agencies, utilities, contractors, lighting designers, and other lighting professionals. Visit

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