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The Lighting Research Center's (LRC) communications staff welcomes the opportunity to assist the media with stories that help to advance the understanding of lighting issues. We are happy to provide information on research, faculty, staff, and educational issues, as well as facilitate contact with LRC experts.

News/Media Contacts
Rebekah Mullaney
Manager of Research Communications
518-687-7100 |

Media Policy

The LRC seeks to be responsive to the needs of the media and to provide accurate and timely communication.

The LRC is part of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. This media policy helps Rensselaer and the LRC to conduct its educational and research mission in an orderly and effective manner and protects the rights and needs of its students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Any member of the media who wants to interview faculty, staff, or students at the LRC must first contact the LRC Office of Communications or the Rensselaer Office of Media Relations. Rensselaer is a private university and is located on private property. Members of the media must obtain permission from the LRC Office of Communications or the Rensselaer Office of Media Relations before coming to the Lighting Research Center to photograph, record, or interview faculty, staff, students, and/or guests.

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