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Vol. 1, No. 3

Thursday, October 3, 2002

General News
LRC hires Director of Energy Programs
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The LRC has named Peter Morante as its new Director of Energy Programs. Morante, formerly of Northeast Utilities in Connecticut, will lead the LRC in electric utility issues and policies, and their effect on lighting technology applications. Morante brings 33 years of experience in helping
customers use energy efficiently.

"I'm happy to be part of the LRC team as we explore how lighting fits into energy efficiency and demand reduction efforts," said Morante. "Lighting will play a key role in the new, restructured electric industry. In fact, lighting may be the only technology that can offer predictable and
repeatable demand reduction." One of the key areas Morante will be exploring is known as Load Management. Click here to read press release.

LRC Durability Roundtable Examines ENERGY STAR® Product Testing
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The latest roundtable held at the LRC brought together people interested in ENERGY STAR® durability testing. "Durability" in this case refers to the products' ability to continue to function long after installation. The roundtable, held September 20, included manufacturers, lamp and ballast specialists, product testing experts, and market transformation experts.

The results of pilot testing at the LRC, mostly in the area of temperature testing, were presented. According to LRC researcher Jennifer Brons, the durability of enclosed fluorescent lamp fixtures may be affected by extreme thermal conditions. "We're examining temperatures of ballasts under typical operating conditions, as well as stress testing with short on-off cycles," says Brons. "We're getting feedback from manufacturers about other causes of durability problems before a testing procedure becomes finalized for ENERGY STAR® manufacturers."

LRC Roundtables are one means of encouraging collaboration between academic, research, government, industry, utilities, systems benefit, and public advocate organizations.

LED Lighting Institute set for November 7-8, 2002
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The LRC is again teaming up with leading LED (light emitting diode) manufacturers and energy efficiency organizations to hold its popular LED Lighting Institute. LRC experts will provide two days of instruction for lighting fixture designers and manufacturers, lighting specifiers, and other professionals interested in learning more about this quickly evolving lighting technology. The course provides in-depth training and hands-on experience in working with the latest LED technologies for a variety of applications. For more information, or to enroll, go to

Alzheimer's Research at LRC
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The results of a recent pilot study by LRC researchers has found that Alzheimer's patients sleep better through the night when they are first exposed to blue LED lighting a few hours before going to bed. Mariana Figueiro led the team conducting the study, which will be included in the journal, Sleep Review. Click here to read more.

Lighting Answers Explains MR16 Lamps
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The latest in the Lighting Answers series, Lighting Answers: MR16 Lamps, is now online. The new publication answers commonly asked questions about the new MR16 lamp technology. LRC researcher Sandra Vasconez answers questions and offers solutions to problems facing lighting practitioners who may wish to use MR16 lamps. The document is available both online to allow readers to access the questions and answers in any order, and in a printer-friendly version. It includes case studies based on the Lighting Research Center's extensive experience in product testing. Click here to view Lighting Answers: MR16 Lamps.

LRC Equips Energy-Efficient Home
Energy-Efficient Home

The LRC is helping homebuilders and manufacturers/distributors of energy-efficient residential lighting products. LRC researchers have joined with Belmonte Builders in Clifton Park, New York, to demonstrate energy-efficient lighting in a residential setting. The project, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and ENERGY STAR®, will promote energy-efficient lighting in new residential construction over the next three years. Click here to learn more.

LRC Works to Reduce Light Pollution in Connecticut

Three new LRC publications are designed to help municipalities in Connecticut reduce light pollution. The publications, Street Lighting and Light Pollution, The Efficient Street Lighting Design Guide, and Street Lighting Design Checklist, are to be made available to municipality representatives through the Connecticut Light & Power Web site and through the LRC Web site. A seminar to assist Connecticut municipal personnel in using the publications will follow. Click here to learn more about how the LRC is helping to reduce light pollution. Click here to learn more.

DELTA Program Announces New Publication

The LRC's Demonstration and Evaluation of Lighting Technologies and Applications (DELTA) program is preparing to launch a new addition to its family of publications. DELTA Field Tests will join DELTA Portfolio and DELTA Snapshots. DELTA Field Tests will look at products in the prototype stage—before they get to the market—to help manufacturers develop effective and efficient products that consumers will accept and use. Energy-efficiency programs trying to encourage the public to use new, more efficient lighting products will also benefit.

DELTA's mission is to design, evaluate, and publicize energy-efficient solutions to real-world lighting problems. DELTA selects sites and evaluates their lighting systems for energy use, human response, cost, effectiveness, and maintenance. DELTA publications are available in print and online at

International Lighting Research Symposium to Address Light & Human Health Topics
LRC's Dr. Mark Rea Keynote Speaker

The Fifth International Lighting Research Symposium presented by the Lighting Research Office (LRO) will address more than 20 topics, including "Using Light to Support Treatment of Alzheimer's and Other Mental Disorders." The symposium, to be held November 3 through 5, 2002, at the Grosvenor Resort in Orlando, Florida, will feature Dr. Mark Rea, of the Lighting Research Center, as keynote speaker. Dr. Rea's address, "Light Isn't Just for Vision Anymore!," will lead the way for presentations by internationally known speakers, authors, lighting and medical researchers, and technical experts

LRC lighting researcher Mariana Figueiro will discuss her pilot study into the effects of light exposure on the behavior of Alzheimer's patients. Figueiro will also present a poster entitled, "Daylight and productivity: A Possible Link to Circadian Regulation."

LRO Executive Director Terry McGowan says this symposium will "create a unique opportunity for both the medical and lighting communities to exchange information and discover how best to apply the results of the latest research." The Lighting Research Office is a service of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The symposium program and registration information is at

About the LRC

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) is part of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is the leading university-based research center devoted to lighting. Founded in 1988, the Lighting Research Center has built an international reputation as a trusted and reliable source for objective information about lighting technologies, applications, and products. Its mission is to advance the effective use of light and create a positive legacy of change for society and the environment.

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