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Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Lighting Education Online Featured at RightLight 5 Conference

Dan Frering, the LRC's Director of Education, spoke at Rightlight 5, the fifth bi-annual energy-efficiency conference of the European Union. This year's conference was held in Nice on May 29 through 31. Frering addressed a packed house with a paper he wrote with fellow LRC staff member Sandra Vanconez. The subject of his talk: The LRC's popular new program, Lighting Education Online. Frering described the entire process of developing an online education program in lighting from initial concept, through surveys to determine content and delivery mechanism, to writing the content and developing the computer interface.

The audience consisted of lighting experts from all over the world. "This is a very hot topic," says Frering. "Electrical contractors do about 75 percent of the lighting design in the United States, and yet many have no formal education in lighting. They need educational resources that are application based and delivered in a way that doesn't require them to take time away from their work. Lighting Education Online meets that need."

The European lighting community has much in common with the United States: Educational resources are readily available for lighting specifiers, architects, and engineers, but there's not much available for electrical contractors, and not many of them attend conferences and seminars. Europeans and others are considering the problem of how best to provide education to people working in lighting at all levels. Frering's presentation was so popular that he was asked to give it a second time for the board Europe's Green Lights program. Frering says, "They might be interested in working with us on their projects. I'd like to see such collaboration build a closer relationship between the LRC and our colleagues in Europe."

Sixty-three people are currently enrolled in Lighting Education Online and working through the courses available now. Ten graduates have already completed the courses. New courses will be available this fall, and the LRC will continue to add courses of increasing complexity as time goes on.

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