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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

General News
Study Explores Life, Dimming Capabilities of Fluorescent Lamps
Dimming fluorescent lamp life test

In June, the Lighting Research Center initiated one of the largest independent studies of fluorescent dimming systems to date. Over the next three to five years, the LRC will run a life-test study to investigate the performance of linear fluorescent lamps on a wide range of dimming ballasts, testing more than 850 systems in all. The results of this study will offer insights into critical design criteria for the compatibility and reliability of fluorescent dimming systems.

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Engineering the Roadway Visibility Information System
Crosswalk with in-pavement LEDs

Modern roadway transportation would not be possible without all the developments in roadway safety and lighting that provide illumination and information about your vehicle, nearby and approaching vehicles, and the surrounding environment. However, despite advances in safety and lighting, the total number of fatal crashes has not diminished in the last 30 years. Scientists at the Lighting Research Center have recast this problem, examining roadway safety from a new perspective. Rather than viewing it solely as an issue with transportation lighting, transportation researchers at the LRC are working to re-engineer what they call "the roadway visibility information system."

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Elevator Lighting Gets an Upgrade with LEDs
Elevator lighting

A recent field study from the Lighting Research Center demonstrated that LEDs can be effective, energy-saving alternatives for incandescent downlights in elevators. The field installation using prototype LED fixtures showed an energy savings of 45 percent compared with the original incandescent lights. LED fixtures may also change the way elevator cabins are built, resulting in further energy savings.

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John Bullough Honored as IESNA Fellow
John Bullough

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) has honored John Bullough, Ph.D., with the society’s annual Fellow designation. Dr. Bullough, a lighting scientist and adjunct assistant professor with the Lighting Research Center, was awarded for his influential research in the field of transportation lighting.

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Simple Retrofit Options Explored in Office Lighting Field Study
Office lighting study

Many lighting specifiers and facilities managers face this conundrum: How can we save energy without major renovations or complaints of darkness and gloom from office workers?

The Lighting Research Center conducted a field study to identify simple retrofit solutions that save lighting energy in open-plan offices while providing enough brightness to give workers a cheerful impression of the space.

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Lighting Where We Live . . . Simplified
Residential lighting at the LRC

A new Lighting Research Center program promises to make it simpler for homeowners and others to choose the right lighting products and techniques for their homes, apartments, and even dorm rooms…and to use those products properly.

The program for residential lighting is headed by Patricia Rizzo, who says lighting properly has been too complicated for homeowners and other end users in the past.

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Preparing for a New Era in Graduate Education at the LRC
Graduate education at the LRC

The Lighting Research Center has expanded its graduate education programs to offer a much wider range of degree options, including a new Ph.D. degree. This fall, the LRC will enroll students in three advanced degree programs. In addition to the highly successful, two-year Master of Science in lighting, which has become a leading degree program in the field of lighting, the LRC will offer two new graduate degrees: a nine-month master's degree and a doctoral degree in architectural sciences with a concentration in lighting.

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Lighting Research Center Announces Lutron Scholarship Award Recipient
Kenneth Appleman, Lutron Scholarship recipient

The Lighting Research Center has announced Ken Appleman as the recipient of the 2005 Lutron Scholarship, generously supported by a $20,000 grant from Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

The funds are used to offset the cost of tuition for a graduate student in the LRC’s Master of Science in Lighting program who demonstrates outstanding academic performance and strong leadership abilities, as well as a commitment to research in advanced lighting technologies or lighting controls. 

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