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Friday, January 16, 2004

General News
Lighting industry leaders begin new journey

Lighting is all around us, and practically everyone uses it in one form or another. Lighting has become such a normal part of our lives few people think about it. The lighting industry has become so adept at manufacturing economical lamps and fixtures that many of their products, like lighting itself, have become simply a commodity. But good lighting is far more than that. Properly designed and applied lighting is comfortable, energy-efficient, can enhance health and productivity, can elevate moods, improve safety and security, and even increase property values. A group of forward-looking leaders from the lighting world and beyond have taken an important first step in ensuring that lighting will be all those things and more.

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New lighting education series features online interactivity

Beginning this spring, the LRC will present a monthly seminar series for professionals seeking the latest information on a variety of topics in lighting. LIVE! from the LRC will feature 90-minute seminars delivered via the Internet and telephone, offering a virtual learning opportunity to anyone around the globe. By bringing lighting experts into the office, multiple participants at one site can have their questions answered by today's leading authorities in lighting.

"This new seminar series offers a quick take on a number of hot lighting topics, making it a great opportunity for people who can't travel away from the office for one of our longer workshops," said Dan Frering, LRC's manager of education. The seminars are not just for lighting professionals; people working in health care, public safety and property management, among others, will benefit from the information presented as well.

Four seminars have been scheduled to date:

  • The Truth about Outdoor Lighting (March 24)
  • Energy-Efficient and Load-Responsive Lighting (April 14)
  • LEDs - The Solid-state Lighting Revolution (May 12)
  • Light and Health (June 16)

Participants may register online. The LRC will send all registrants a phone number for the teleconference and an Internet address to view and download the seminar presentations. Participants also earn two continuing education credits for each seminar.

For details on upcoming LIVE! from the LRC seminars or to register, visit the LRC Web site at .

LRC’s ASSIST program pushes adoption of LED technology and standards

Since its inception in 2002, the Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies (ASSIST) has been active in a number of research projects and other activities to advance and promote LED technology.

"The major goal of the ASSIST program has been to facilitate broad adoption of reliable, energy-efficient LED technology by original equipment manufacturers and specifiers, " said N. Narendran, Ph.D., director of research and head of the solid-state lighting program at the LRC.

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Exploration of energy conservation measures in U.S. and Japan provides lessons, insights

The Lighting Research Center, under funding from the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, conducted a survey of energy conservation programs related to electronic ballasts and CFLs in the United States and Japan. The report, “Comparing Lighting Energy Conservation Measures in the United States and Japan,” compares regulations, incentives and awareness measures in each country.

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LED Lighting Institute: April 21-23

Those interested in gaining more knowledge of solid-state lighting and light-emitting diodes should make plans to attend the LRC's LED Lighting Institute. This intensive three-day, hands-on workshop is scheduled for April 21-23, 2004. Seating is limited at this popular program, so make your reservation now.

LRC experts will help participants learn more about this rapidly evolving lighting technology through presentations about current research and applications, as well as hands-on design work. Other topics include incorporating LED technologies into architectural lighting fixtures, developing optical components that take advantage of LED characteristics, and designing lighting applications using LEDs. Participants also earn 20 continuing education units in LED lighting.

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LED traffic signal study evaluates short-term performance, energy consumption

All across the United States, municipalities are replacing the incandescent lamps in their traffic signals with newer, energy-efficient LEDs that promise longer life and less maintenance. But are LED signals living up to expectations?

"Typically, signals are not tested after installation, which means we don't know how well they are performing initially or over time" said Yutao Zhou, LRC research specialist. Zhou, along with LRC Transportation Lighting head John Van Derlofske and a team of graduate students, recently evaluated the short-term performance and energy consumption of LED traffic signals currently on the market.

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Lighting Research Center students help to transform historic monument

At a special Veterans Day ceremony on November 12, 2003, the historic Bennington Battle Monument glowed like never before, drawing cheers from the approximately 150 spectators on hand. Just after dusk, Vermont Gov. James Douglas threw the switch for the first time, and the special energy-efficient lights slowly brightened to their full power, illuminating the state's tallest structure. Four beams of light carefully aimed to avoid light pollution, trespass and wasted light provide the effect, and providing the research for the new lighting were students from Rensselaer's Lighting Research Center.

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LRC to publish annotated resource on outdoor lighting

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) recently asked the LRC to develop an annotated resource guide on outdoor lighting, which will be distributed to cooperative electric utilities nationwide.

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