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Thursday, October 20, 2005

DELTA Evaluates Solar-powered Lighting for Bus Shelters
By Jennifer Taylor
PV-powered bus shelter
Field test of the PV-powered
retrofit kit for bus shelters

The DELTA program at the Lighting Research Center has released a new publication that documents a field test of a photovoltaic (PV) lighting retrofit kit for bus shelters. The kit is designed to power the backlighting system for advertising signs through the use of solar cells mounted on top of the shelter. DELTA tested the commercially available PV bus shelter kit to verify its performance over an extended period of time and to gauge public reaction to the bus shelter at night.

Product description

The PV retrofit kit is installed on existing bus shelters and contains PV panels, mounting hardware, batteries, a controller, a timer relay, a photosensor, and a fluorescent wrap luminaire. The flexible solar panels integrate well with the barrel-vaulted roof and can collect solar energy over a range of orientations. The panels charge the batteries, and the controller determines the charging duration. The photosensor informs the controller when to turn on the backlighting, and the timer relay turns the system off after a prescribed period.

PV bus shelter components diagram
Components of the PV-powered
bus shelter

Field evaluation

DELTA evaluated 12 retrofitted shelters throughout Long Island, N.Y. by:

Sample findings and recommendations

DELTA (Demonstration and Evaluation of Lighting Technologies and Applications) is an LRC program established in 1994 to design, evaluate, and publicize energy-efficient lighting solutions. The field test sites selected contain lighting and controls systems that are evaluated for energy use, human response, cost, how well the technologies work, and how easy they are to maintain. Plans, details, and color photos illustrate each DELTA case study.

DELTA case studies and publications are available free on the DELTA program Web site.

About the LRC

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