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Monday, October 6, 2003

Daylight Dividends web site unveiled
Research program investigates human performance and business benefits of harvesting daylight for use in commercial buildings.
Building owners, architects, and engineers interested in harvesting the benefits of natural light now have a new resource at their fingertips: the LRC's Daylight Dividends web site.

The web site serves as an information center for those who design and construct office buildings and want to learn more about daylighting—its benefits, design, usage, and implementation. The site provides research evidence, authoritative guidance, and perspectives supporting the use of daylighting in commercial and educational facilities.

“With this web site, we hope to connect with those businesses that want to invest in daylighting, as well as those who may not have considered daylighting’s benefits previously," said Peter Morante, program director for Daylight Dividends.

Initiated earlier this year, Daylight Dividends is a three-year research program that investigates human performance and the business benefits of harvesting daylight for use in office buildings. The LRC defines daylighting as making widespread use of natural light within a building. The program is a collaborative effort between the LRC, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and other organizations.

The web site is organized into three sections. The "Building Owners & Developers" section provides easy-to-read research summaries regarding daylighting's benefits in the areas of worker productivity, well-being, and money. The "Architects & Engineers" section offers detailed bibliographies and abstracts discussing daylighting in terms of hardware, building type, and design tools. The "Case Studies" section shares real-life stories of how daylighting was successfully implemented in a number of facilities with different purposes. More research will be added as it becomes available.

"This resource acts as a promotional vehicle for daylighting and energy savings," said Morante, "and tailoring the information to different audiences, as we have done, helps spread the message of energy efficiency and sustainability."

Click here to visit the Daylight Dividends web site.

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