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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Specifier Report: Parking Lot and Area Luminaires
Graphic: Specifier Report cover
Specifier Report: Parking Lot and Area Luminaires

The National Lighting Product Information Program (NLPIP) has released a new publication that replaces a previous report published in 1993. Specifier Reports: Parking Lot and Area Luminaires updates information on critical performance and application issues for parking lot and area lighting luminaires. The report identifies the information that a lighting specifier may request from a manufacturer when evaluating different products. This latest Specifier Report focuses only on functional luminaires typically used in applications such as parking lots and area lighting, including: the cobra head luminaire, commonly used in roadway lighting but also used for lighting parking lots; the arm mount luminaire, currently the most common type used for parking lot lighting; and the post-top functional luminaire.

Since 1993, when NLPIP first published Specifier Reports: Parking Lot and Area Luminaires, parking lot and area lighting luminaires have been examined in new ways. For example, the lighting industry currently is examining the optical efficiency and cutoff properties of these luminaires to determine if high-quality lighting can be achieved while reducing energy consumption, light pollution and light trespass.

The Specifier Reports series provides an educational text and a combination of generic and brand name performance information for particular efficient lighting product categories. NLPIP publications are available free of charge at

NLPIP is administered by the LRC. Its mission is to help lighting specifiers and other lighting decision-makers choose wisely by providing up-to-date, objective, manufacturer-specific information on energy-efficient lighting products. Priority is given to information not available or easily accessible from other sources. NLPIP tests lighting products according to accepted industry procedures or, if such procedures are not available or applicable, NLPIP develops interim tests that focus on performance issues important to specifiers or end-users.

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