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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Light pollution tools for street lighting

LRC researchers have developed a set of tools for people and localities planning to install or change street lighting. The tools include a white paper, a planning checklist, and a design guide that provide practical information to municipalities, specifiers, designers, and other lighting decision makers about street lighting and light pollution.

The tools were created for use in the state of Connecticut, but the principles outlined can be used in other localities as well.

The white paper outlines Connecticut legislation limiting the types of luminaires that may be used, defines light pollution and many of the issues that surround the topic, discusses lighting considerations that should be considered before embarking on a lighting project, and summarizes good lighting practice and how municipalities can work with designers or planners to ensure that their lighting installation meets the lighting objectives in their community.

The checklist helps decision makers think about their street lighting objectives. This will aid them in mapping out an effective plan.

The design guide provides illustrative examples of specific types of typical street lighting designs and presents alternative options. It is a tool to identify approaches to meet design objectives with efficient street lighting.

Also included is a seminar (Powerpoint presentation) that illustrates the issues involved and explains how the documents should be used.

The data found at the link below represents an effective means of creating awareness of the importance of properly designed street lighting and providing practical assistance for communities.

Download "Implementation of Decision-Making Tools that Address Light Pollution for Localities Planning Street Lighting".

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