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Tuesday, February 6, 2007
Research News
LED Lighting Gives Appeal to Frozen Foods
Supermarket freezers

Supermarket freezers may soon look a lot brighter while demanding less energy, thanks to LED lighting. A recent study from the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found that shoppers overwhelmingly prefer LED lighting inside supermarket freezer cases when it comes to merchandise appeal and the brightness, comfort, and evenness of the freezer lighting. And now, some freezer case manufacturers are planning to include LED lighting in their products.   Full story. . .

LRC and OSRAM SYLVANIA Demonstrate New Load-shedding Technology
Representatives from the Lighting Research Center and OSRAM SYLVANIA have demonstrated a new lighting control system that allows electricity customers to reduce their monthly utility bills by controlling their own peak electricity demand.

Scientists at the LRC developed a prototype for a device known as a “load-shedding ballast,” which reduces power use by dimming the lighting in a building when the building’s peak electric demand is high or when the available supply is tight. With support and assistance from the LRC, OSRAM SYLVANIA modified the LRC design and is now manufacturing its version of the ballast, which is expected to be on the market in 2007.  Full story. . .

NLPIP Explores Low-Wattage Metal Halide Systems
Specifier Reports
The NLPIP (National Lighting Product Information Program) research team at the Lighting Research Center recently published another installment in the Specifier Reports series. Specifier Reports: Low-wattage Metal Halide Lighting Systems discusses lamps of 150 watts or less and their operation on magnetic and non-dimming electronic ballasts.
Low-wattage metal halide lighting systems offer high-intensity light output in a small, energy-efficient, package. Recent developments in the technology have broadened their range of applications, replacing higher wattage incandescent lamps, PAR halogen lamps, and compact fluorescent lamps in recessed downlighting, accent lighting, and retail lighting. Low-wattage metal halide lighting systems provide good color rendering properties and good optical control.
This in-depth report discusses the characteristics and performance claims of low-wattage metal halide lamps and ballasts. NLPIP also tested a limited selection of lamps, ballasts, and system combinations for lamp life, lamp efficacy, lumen maintenance, color, system power quality, and system efficacy. Results and more are found in this 104-page document available for online reading or download.

LRC Researcher Awarded Funding to Explore Effect of Light on Human Phototransduction
Mariana Figueiro
Mariana Figueiro, an assistant professor at the Lighting Research Center, has received the James D. Watson Investigator award, which includes a $200,000 grant, from the New York State Office of Science, Technology, and Academic Research (NYSTAR). With this funding, Dr. Figueiro, the director of the LRC’s Light and Health program, is exploring the effects of light on human physiological rhythms.   Full story. . .

Lighting for NICUs Improves
Lighting for NICUs
In the past year, new recommended standards for the design of newborn intensive care units (NICUs) have been developed, encompassing the entire interior of the NICU. These recommended standards include guides for ambient lighting and procedure lighting in the infant care areas, illumination for support areas, daylighting, and issues related to reflective floor surfaces. The Lighting Research Center lent its expertise in the development of these guidelines during the Sixth Census Conference on Newborn ICU Design, held at the beginning of 2006.  Full story. . .

Lighting Lab Receives Honors
Curtis Lumber Showroom
A lighting laboratory designed by the Lighting Research Center has received honors from a residential construction supply trade magazine. The annual Excellence Awards program of ProSales magazine has named Curtis Lumber Co., Inc., of Ballston Spa, N.Y., a winner of the 2006 Excellence Award Honorable Mention for Showroom Design. The lighting lab is an integral feature of Curtis Lumber’s new lighting showroom for builders and contractors.  Full story. . .

New Web Site Provides Better Information, Functioning
LRC Home page
The Lighting Research Center recently revamped the home page of its Web site to provide better information and navigation, including aids for the casual visitor wanting to learn more about lighting.

The new home page was designed to bring the kinds of research that the LRC conducts to the forefront, says Director of Communications Keith Toomey. This was achieved primarily by adding a news section and “portal pages” where visitors can learn more about different types of lighting.  Full story. . .

About the Lighting Research Center
The Lighting Research Center (LRC) is part of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy, N.Y., and is the leading university-based research center devoted to lighting. The LRC offers the world's premier graduate education in lighting, including one- and two-year master's programs and a Ph.D. program. Since 1988 the LRC has built an international reputation as a reliable source for objective information about lighting technologies, applications, and products. The LRC also provides training programs for government agencies, utilities, contractors, lighting designers, and other lighting professionals. Visit www.lrc.rpi.edu.

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