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Monday, January 23, 2006

LRC Conducts Seminars for Customers, Personnel, and Training Staff
By Mary Cimo
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The LRC often provides special lighting seminars to help utilities and companies assist their customers, personnel, or training staff. A recent seminar held in Berlin, Connecticut, included more than 120 architects, engineers, utility personnel, and customers of United Illuminating and Connecticut Light and Power. The seminar was designed to increase their knowledge and awareness of effective, energy-efficient lighting for a variety of commercial settings.

Funded through Connecticut’s Energy Efficiency Fund, which provides programs designed to help customers manage their energy usage and costs, the seminar covered a range of lighting topics such as the latest and most efficient lamp, luminaire, and controls technologies typically used in commercial settings. Other topics included important terms and concepts in lighting; effective daylighting design and the proper selection and specification of controls technology; lighting quality and application, including the “dos and don’ts” of lighting specification; and lessons learned in lighting through a variety of case studies focusing on lighting quality and design.

Participants in the seminar also received a manual summarizing the information provided to assist them to better select and apply energy-efficient lighting in commercial buildings.
If you are interested in developing a seminar designed to assist your customers, personnel, or training staff, please contact Dan Frering, LRC’s manager of education, at (518) 687-7149 or

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