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Monday, January 23, 2006

Lighting Education Online Program Now Includes Residential Lighting Course
By Keith Toomey
LEO Website

Want to know more about residential lighting? Just go online. The LRC has added a new residential lighting module to its popular online education program. Lighting Education Online is an interactive, Internet-based education program for building, design, and facility management professionals who want to learn more about light and lighting. The new course in residential lighting, however, is geared toward the needs of home builders and contractors, as well as homeowners.

The Residential Lighting course covers the equipment, economics, and various techniques for lighting homes. It also provides suggested design patterns to light various rooms in a home effectively and efficiently. The equipment portion includes information about lamps (bulbs), ballasts, luminaires (fixtures), and lighting controls. The course also includes links to information about where homeowners or builders can purchase efficient lighting equipment, including luminaires that carry the ENERGY STAR® label.

Other courses in Lighting Education Online include Lighting Technology, which provides a comprehensive overview of lamps, advanced lighting technologies, ballasts, luminaires, and lighting controls for commercial buildings. The online program also features a Lighting Terminology section to familiarize participants with the language of the lighting industry.  

Lighting Education Online is the first university-based lighting education system providing courses entirely over the Internet. There are no additional books to purchase or assignments to complete and mail in. Participants, learning at their own convenience and pace, can also ask LRC professors questions as they complete the courses.

"Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of lighting in their homes,” said Dan Frering, the LRC’s manager of education. “This new course will give home builders and contractors the information they need to select and install effective, energy-efficient lighting in new home construction and remodeling projects."

The LRC is part of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y. The LRC tracks participants' progress through the program and awards continuing education credits (CEUs) and a certificate for all courses completed successfully (more about CEUs).

There are no pre-requisites for Lighting Education Online. Courses are very affordable and priced according to the number of CEUs awarded. Anyone anywhere can take the courses. However, because the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority generously provided funding for the development of this program, New York state residents can take Lighting Education Online courses at a discounted price of only $25.00.

For more information, visit, or email Dan Frering at

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