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Vol. 2, No. 2

Thursday, April 17, 2003

LRC drives transportation lighting research in new directions

People and organizations interested in transportation lighting have a new resource available: the LRC's new Transportation Lighting Alliance. This program is similar to the LRC's very successful Partners program, but with a narrower focus. Dr. John Van Derlofske, head of transportation lighting at the LRC, says, "The Transportation Lighting Alliance will advance transportation lighting design, testing, and practice by researching and disseminating objective information. Its research focus is on vehicle and roadway lighting and visibility, initially concentrating on vehicle forward lighting and visibility."

John Bullough, a transportation lighting specialist at the LRC, explains: "This program brings together people from various segments of the transportation lighting industry, including automobile manufacturers and manufacturers of headlamps and luminaires. The program allows them to pool their resources to do research that will help them optimize forward lighting for vehicles."

The Transportation Lighting Alliance does not attempt to produce specific products, but it does perform basic research that allows each participating company to optimize its own products. "All these organizations will work together with the LRC to decide where the research focus should be," says Bullough. "One example would be headlight glare--what properties of light or lighting tend to improve visibility while minimizing glare? That's one area that the transportation lighting alliance will investigate."

Aside from its research function, the alliance also acts an information clearinghouse. Members have access to the LRC's library and research data. Membership in the alliance has other, benefits, too. "We will try to answer any questions alliance members have, and we can provide technical advice when they need it," Bullough says.

Charter members of the alliance are DaimlerChrysler, General Electric, Guide Corporation, Philips, and Visteon. Organizations interested in becoming part of the LRC's Transportation Lighting Alliance should contact Dr. John Van Derlofske at for more information.

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