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Article Title:   Reviews of Technical Reports on Daylight and Productivity
Year:   2004
Author(s):   Peter R. Boyce
Place of Publication:   Troy, NY
Publisher:   LRC


This report reviews three individual reports prepared by the Heschong-Mahone Group in 2003 under the Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program. These reports are:
  1. Windows and Offices: A study of Office Worker Performance and the Indoor Environment
  2. Windows and Classrooms: A Study of Student Performance and the Indoor Environment
  3. Daylight and Retail Sales

The reports describe epidemiological studies of the impact of daylight on: the performance of office workers; merchandise sales in a retail store chain; and the progress of elementary schoolchildren respectively. All three use similar methodology for seeking a statistical relationship between numerous explanatory variables and a desirable outcome. The use data collected from databases or on-site surveys and multiple linear regression equations between the explanatory variables and the desired outcomes. The technical reports concerning retail sales and learning in schools attempt to replicate previous findings. However, according to the reviewer, these attempts failed.

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