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Article Title:   Documentation of Semi-Permanent High-Mast Lighting for Construction C-05-06
Year:   September, 2006
Author(s):   Jean Paul Freyssinier, John D. Bullough, Mark S. Rea
Place of Publication:   Albany, NY
Publisher:   New York State Department of Transportation.


The LRC evaluated a novel temporary lighting system installed at a highway construction site along Interstate 90 in Albany, New York. The system included 60-foot poles with floodlight luminaires along the three-mile site. Upon completion of the project, the lights and poles were removed. At the request of the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), the LRC compared the new system to the traditional method of using trailer-mounted, portable light towers, which have been linked to glare and uneven illumination levels in work areas.
Keywords:   semi-permanent, high mast, lighting, portablr, mobile, lightt tower, pole-mounted fixutres, automotive, nighttime, road work, outdoor

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