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DELTA - DELTA Portfolios and DELTA Snapshots evaluate various lighting applications using existing lighting products and systems. Field Test DELTA and Field Test DELTA Snapshots evaluate new energy-efficient lighting products to verify field performance claims and suggest improvements.

DELTA Portfolio
  DELTA Portfolio: LED Lighting in a Campus Building
  DELTA Portfolio: Daylighting in Whole Foods Market
  DELTA Portfolio: Ballston Spa High School
  DELTA Portfolio: Hudson Valley Community College
  DELTA Portfolio: Highway Rest Areas
  DELTA Portfolio: Saratoga Medical Associates
  DELTA Portfolio: McLean Village, Independent Living Facility for Seniors
  DELTA Portfolio: Staples Distribution Center
  DELTA Portfolio: South Mall Towers, Senior Residence
  DELTA Portfolio: Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School
  DELTA Portfolio: SONY Disc Manufacturing, Administration and Support Spaces
  DELTA Portfolio: SONY Disc Manufacturing Center, Manufacturing Facility
  DELTA Portfolio: 450 South Salina Street, Office Building
  DELTA Portfolio: Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Office Building
  DELTA Portfolio: Prudential Healthcare, Office Building
  DELTA Portfolio: DeGraff St. Industrial Center, Office and Small Manufacturing
  DELTA Portfolio: A&P Food Market
DELTA Snapshots
  DELTA Snapshots: Gas Station Canopy Lighting
  DELTA Snapshots: Mohonasen High School, Multimedia Auditorium
  DELTA Snapshots: Lindt Chocolate Shop, Retail Lighting
  DELTA Snapshots: Outdoor Entry Lighting
  DELTA Snapshots: Exit Signs
  DELTA Snapshots: Electrodeless Lighting
  DELTA Snapshots: Home Office Lighting
  DELTA Snapshots: Lighting for Dormitories
  DELTA Snapshots: Private Office Lighting Controls
  DELTA Snapshots: Compact Fluorescent Retrofit for Incandescent Downlights, Issue 3
  DELTA Snapshots: Office Lighting
  DELTA Snapshots: Supermarket Lighting, Issue 2
  DELTA Snapshots: Corridor Lighting, Issue 1
Field Test DELTA
  Mogul Screw-base LED Replacement Lamps for High Bay Environments
  Demand-Response, Load-Shedding Ballast System
  Field Test DELTA: Daylight-Harvesting Switch
  Field Test DELTA: Post-Top Photovoltaic Pathway Luminaire
  Field Test DELTA: T5 Fluorescent High-Bay Luminaires and Wireless Lighting Controls
  Field Test DELTA: Photovoltaic Lighting Retrofit Kit for Bus Shelters
  Field Test DELTA: Integrated Skylight Luminaire
Field Test DELTA Snapshots
  Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Sensor-Controlled Bi-level Lighting for Parking Lots
  Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Sensor-Controlled Lighting in Multi-Family Corridors
  Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Benefits of Improved Uniformity with LED Parking Lot Lighting
  Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Alternative Technologies for Construction Lighting
  Field Test DELTA Snapshots: LEDs for Construction Lighting
  Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Glazing with Integral Honeycomb Baffles
  Field Test DELTA Snapshots: LED Accent Lighting in a Community Art Gallery
  Field Test DELTA Snapshots: LED Street Lighting
  Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Classroom Lighting
  Field Test DELTA Snapshots: LED Lighting in Freezer Cases
  Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Staircase Lighting
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