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Controlling Lighting with Building Automation Systems
Title:  Controlling Lighting with Building Automation Systems
Date:  1997
Author(s):  Robert Wolsey
Number of Pages:  8
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This issue of Lighting Answers explains the options, benefits, and potential pitfalls of controlling lighting with building automation systems. It also directs readers to resources for further information. The potential for energy savings has made the use of automated lighting controls such as timers, occupancy sensors, and photosensors common in modern buildings. Building automation systems can also be used to control lighting; however, high initial and maintenance costs, the apparent complexity of these systems, and concerns about the interoperability of lighting systems and other building systems have limited such applications. Benefits of using building automation systems to control lighting include the ability to track occupancy and energy use, the ability to monitor and control lighting throughout a large facility, and the ability to minimize peak demand.

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